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Mole sets targets. He digs for reach target. Mole starts on bound between sun and ground, he starts searching of his fate. He sets targets and digs deeper into the ground. This is the life-long way. And after some time in darkness of ways and nothing happenings you try to find back way. You set new targets and dig new tunnels in the ground of your mind.
Game has not help and tutorials, as well as your life.

Guide mole to find target by mouse clicking .

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its more experimental than puzzle

although i did get the message in the flash, the flash itself felt dull and tedious. although i did enjoy the music. it just needs more work and i cant really say the colour scheme helped it didnt do much for the flash although it did carry the message.
try something else but dont hope for it, just work out the kinks first ;)

Sorry but I don't see the point of this

Tried the game didn't really get more from it then- the more you dig the older you get. I'm sure there is supposed to be a deeper meaning behind this game but the broken english you give in the author's comments doesn't explain a thing to me.... mole digs in earth and tries to find way out of darkness??? sorry moles never try to find their way out of the darkness they are nocturnal creatures meaning they come out only at night

Not sure how I feel...

which is an odd feeling for me. I think I would enjoy this more if there were objectives or even an overall point to the game. Perhaps you were trying for something artsy? If that is the case, remember...art has to make you feel something. All I felt was "Dig a hole, dig yourself out of a hole." No metaphor. just a simple point and click. Nice use of shadow on white, though.I liked that.

Does anyone get this?

I really don't get the point of this game. Is there something deeper here? The mole digs around, and that's it. You click anywhere in the white, above ground, and the mole moves on, and you see the words, "Fate On". I don't get it.


it was a waste oif time the consept is bad and dosent make sense
and you can dig up to the sky wicht is stupid BUT the animation was good and the mole itsself looked ike a demon witch dudent make sense but good so 5 stars

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0.86 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2011
11:56 PM EST
Puzzles - Other