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Version 1.01 - Several changes including the addition of 1-UPs. Also, it's now quite possible to get to level 15 or higher whereas before it was nearly impossible to get past 8.

This is a game in which your desire for cake causes you to repeatedly embark upon multiple similar perilous journeys across the screen where there are a great many bowling balls which, upon impact, will kill you.

(Also, this game is a test of SWF creation of The Games Factory 2 )


Best game ever!!!

Its a perfectly made game with great graphics!
gameplay is awesome and storyline epic!

Just kidding this is shit, but really addicting.

games factory 2

games factory isnt the best place to make games, ive noticed a lot of games made by it lately and ive yet to see a decent game, try out flash.
the game itself is pretty basic, and easy.
i do like the level of progression and the simpleness in the design.
try adding more sounds theres one at the sound of the game which is awesome but wheres the other ones?
better ease of leveling up i got to level 5 and it was super super hard try easing it up more
a background would be nice!
maybe a better theme next time, i didnt get the point of the guy avading bowling balls, trying to get to a house.

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Not bad but lacks replay appeal

The story line is humourous and the interface and gameplay was intuitive and simple.

However the game in its current form lacks replay appeal:
The gameplay gets a little repetitive after a while, with only one kind of enemy, that predictably bounces back and forth, and the goal (i.e. the cake of awesomeness) always too readily obtainable.

Maybe turn this into the game, where the cake is at the far end of a dinning room table, and the character needs to run through a gauntlet of various obstacles and enemies to reach it.

Overall the game made a nice enjoyable way to burn a few minutes.

I wish you luck on future game endeavours. :)

best. game. ever.

I don't know why, but this is my favorite game on newgrounds right now.

Simple, skillful, no insides

Was fun though, lots of close calls.

Feels a bit dated but oh well, i enjoyed it for a brief moment of time.

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2.38 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2011
11:23 PM EST
Skill - Avoid