A Real Street Fighter

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[EDIT] Wow! Daily 3rd! Wasn't expending this... Thanks :)
[EDIT EDIT] Whoa! FrontPage! Thank you so much! :D
Who else acted like that when Street Fighter II was the shit? I did XD

I made this movie a long time ago, I wanted to enter the Street Fighter Collab but didn't make it. Oh well... Those animations were really cool. But still, I can be part of the Street Fighter Collection, so if you recommend this movie you'll do me a huge favor. Thanks :D

BTW, if you want to watch more of this fatty's cartoons, all episodes are here:
http://lasvicaventuras.co m/en/episodes/

For the fans of Resivic Evil, in this movie (for the first and only time) you can listen to Víctor speaking English. Ya see? He sounds way funnier in Spanish XD

NEWS: The next Vic adventure will be ready in a 2 or 3 weeks :D
Estoy buscando 3 voces en español para mi siguiente video, "Contra Mexicano: Operación Vontra", si te gustan las Vicaventuras y quieres participar en una, esta es tu oportunidad, detalles aquí: http://lasvicaventuras.co m/noticias/lo-que-viene-p ara-lv-enero-2011/394/


Hahaha epic

This is amazing. Very funny I hope there is a part two [also in the credits you said thanks to God I respect that =) ]

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martiescageda responds:

Some atheists may not like when I say that in the credits of my movies, but well, everyone has the right to believe whatever he/she wants. I also respect those who tell me that I'm wrong and shouldn't put that etc etc...

Anyway, there's no part two of this movie, but the fatty appears in my DIREMESIS series. Watch it here:
http://lasvicaventuras.com/en/episode s/

you cross the line fool lol

tell me about it XD

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good job

Pretty funny! Your animation style is not the best but i cant do better so yea... still i kinda like your style i dont know why but this vid is funny! I hope you keep making these!


Dont see why there is a 0 rating. I mean, this is a good flash. And im think its not a extra crazy flash, its just like a sketch in flash form. So it is real Comedy :D
Youve done youre job very well.

martiescageda responds:

Thanks. It's not my funniest cartoon, but I think it was decent... Check out DIREMESIS 2 or 3 and I think you'll have a few laughs :)

Pretty good

I'm a bit confused by the '0' rating just below this one. This wasn't bad by any means. An amusing, if not quite "laugh out loud" short. I thought it looked really good, too, for a flash. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go.

martiescageda responds:

I know it wasn't very good or a LOL kind of movie, but it was average and I think that your rating is more accurate.

I wanna do more complex stuff, but for this movie it was best to keep it simply.

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3.98 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2011
4:55 PM EST
Comedy - Parody