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panda escape!

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Im 9. I don't really like the game

cucumberproductions responds:

fuck you n****r

I don't really have much to say

I would suggest actual music, reload the game after dying, and better animation. After you manage those things, then worry about skillful drawings and game themes.

Good controls, questionable other stuff.

I assume it just ends there at the next level sign. This game is a great example of a gaming principle that I have decided makes or breaks a game: The difficulty in a game should be based in no way on your inability to control your character perfectly. I feel like the best games create difficulty through circumstances alone.

Now granted your game isn't very difficult, but the controls are very good. If you wanted to engage your audience more I would create an obvious theme, something like, you're in a coloring book, and give it a punchline at the end, like you finally escape the book, or you learn to draw inside the lines. lol You catch my drift. But nice job.

Okay then...

This is, I'm guessing, the first game you ever made. As far as the basic controls go, yeah they work alright. This needs a lot more work before it's really ready to be reviewed but it looks like you had fun coming up with things to put in. You really need to learn more about how to code a game though. Things like reseting the players score and respawning the coings, putting in checkpoints to ease the frustration of going back to the start after dying, some light music for mood and DEFINATELY improve the artwork. If drawings not your thing, look into using sprites like I did. Like I said, this isn't anywhere near ready to being played. Just keep working.

Also, the panda could look a bit more like a panda. Seriously some ears would go a long way to making look more than a fat grey guy.


Not tooo bad... I guess...

--penalty for falling
--music, or sound at all
--running animation could be GREATLY improved
--at least a little bit of story would be nice, even if it's just that he starts in a cage and you have to escape the zoo or something

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2011
3:32 PM EST