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EVIL Co. Halloween

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This was the first flash I have ever made. As in, I had no experience with animation or even really art until I made this. I chose sprites because it seemed easiest to work with and I focused on dialogue humor since I hadn't gotten much practice with motion. As such, it (and most subsequent submissions I may make), are of low quality. Hopefully, that makes for a good laugh the viewer if nothing else.

So yeah, why Halloween? This animation wasn't supposed to be the first featuring EVIL Co. but was moved up in production due to my animation class' schedule. Basically the series follows the goings on of EVIL Co., which is pretty much what it sounds like, a business for villains, minions, henchmen and the like.

I have no idea how to create buttons to manage the flash and this one doesn't even have an opening since it wasn't supposed to be an actual episode. I've also noticed the sound to be possessed by Satan once in a while to start with the volume low to avoid issues.

Anyway, enjoy. Also, my apologies to SC Johnson for taking their motto. The joke was just too good.

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Nice First Effort

The humor content was pretty good for the first time around. I especially liked the "flast card" element. That was the highlight of the piece. I got a few chuckles out of it, which is good. That shows the ability to tell a story and carry a joke.

Of course, I gave this a 5 for a reason. And here goes:
Visuals - the mix of sprites, shapes, and clipart looked disjointed and a bit sloppy. You should make sure your different visual elements blend together. This could be a problem when you start doing animations with motion.
Voice Acting - pretty good for a first timer, but it sounded like you were too close to the mike or using a cheap mike.

In summary, it looked pretty bad; it only sounded OK, and the humor was pretty good. Work on the visuals especially and you too can soon be turning out really good flash animation.

Kooma responds:

Yup. This was mostly a quick project I needed to do. I was unfamiliar with flash so I tried to keep to something simple and I figured minimal motion with emphasis on audio humor was the best way to make use of what I could do, at least until I improved. I'll keep your suggestions in mind.
Thanks for the feedback.

Content was funny

Nice job. If I were to make one suggestion (and you know I am) it would be that the visuals didn't match the funny content. It was a single stagnant shot with little to no movement. But like I said the content was spot on, and isn't that what really counts. :-)

Kooma responds:

As I mentioned, I was not good with motion. That changes in later flashes I will be submitting soon where I start to add in some physical humor. Even so the sprites I have to use don't allow many options for poses so I had to create that pointing one. =(
Still, thanks for the feedback. It's exactly what I was thinking.

i liked it

the only main problem i heard was it sounded like you were to close to the mic but good work

Kooma responds:

Agreed. I tried to fix that in later flashes I made but it still crops up. It's a pitty when humor based on dialogue suffers from poor recording. One of the main reasons I had subtitles on the top of my to do list before I finished it for class. ;)


Could have used a pic of the whitehouse or capitol building for the government, though. Meh.

Kooma responds:

Call me crazy, but I just find Obama's smile funny. It has just that touch of goofy that puts a grin on my face. I didn't mean he'd actually contract a company of evil maniacs for any purpose. Amazing how accidental subtext can slip into a production ain't it? I suppose I could have found a more clever picture but, as you said, meh.

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4.21 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2011
3:21 PM EST