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Core Defender

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Hurl random weapons at the invading Blitz Bots. Defend the Core, at all costs. Why? I'm not sure, but stand your ground because if the Core goes down... oh man... you don't even want to know. Why are you still reading this?

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It enjoyed it! It got very increasingly difficult which I enjoyed! Also the animation and concept was great! gameplay was easy to understand once it got going! I hope to see more of these games! 8/10 4/5


interesting, but some weapons were just useless, like the static field looking one did nothing at all, the green goo did not enough (should slow a lot more than it did), and it got boring and repetitive quickly.

But overall a nice start to what could be a good game if you add some elements like levels and upgrades.

Good, but gets old a little quickly

other than the minor fps issue when somthing explodes, this was pretty much perfectly made :D

I have to admit though, after I got to about 1,100 score I became more interested in seeing what happened when they got to the middle than killing them.

May I suggest some form of level system or bosses/mini bosses?

Really Creative. Pretty Addictive.

This game was really creative, would have given it a 10 just for that!

Unfortunately, some glitching, and repetitive gameplay brought down your score.

Maybe add some levels, and fix the glitches, then it would be perfect!

--For those wondering, the big glitch was that some of the enemies would go to the core, and then stay there. Also, could not be killed.--

Worth playing

Its progressively challenging. oddly enough it was the "helmet" guys that did me in.

Credits & Info

4.46 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2011
6:03 PM EST