Ball to Basket

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Addictive basketball based physics game. very fun to play!
You should try to throw the ball to the basket. Really good physics and interesting levels.


cool game

this game is very intriguing and fun to play level 15 is a real bitch i would have voted a 10 if it wasn't for those frequent ads

nice game

This may be a simple game, but it's nice and even a bit addictive. I can't seem to get past level 14 though. I probably just don't see the trick to it, but I thought you stil might want to know ;)


the physics are quite good and i apreciate the game for what it is but i guess i havnt got the attention span to sit and playfora while still good effort

"Oh, cool, another advertisement. Great."

Worst aspect is the fact that ads pop up during the game. That really, really turns off a player. Beyond that, I agree that 14 is a bit too hard; I see what you have to do, and I did it get quite close to getting the ball in a couple times, but it could be a BIT easier, in my opinion. I definitely like the idea behind 14, but I just feel like, given the game's physics, it may be asking a bit too much.

It's a pretty good concept, albeit a bit unoriginal, and not a bad execution of the idea. Not terribly exciting, not what I'd call addictive, but not bad at all.

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the physics are ok, the levels range from "I can fart that in!" to "I hate that power bar!", but you need to add some spice to it, like music for a start? and more levels, some idk, but yea, it has a nice touch.
btw, 12597 on the first try. (not so great, i know)

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3.17 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2011
5:28 PM EST
Sports - Basketball