3D Quick Pool

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Test your skill and accuracy on a small pool table and pot all your balls into the hole in this challenging mini 3D pool game!


pretty good

it would be cooler if it had like lifes or something :@ cause restarting all over again was so annoying ;_; desu chan san kun bonwa

Game over on a scratch?

That's a little harsh. Maybe include a "casual" mode for people who aren't so hardcore as all that. Also a fixed camera mode would be nice; having the whole world revolve around the ball is distracting. Game looks good, though.

Enjoyable game with a fast 3D engine

Well, i must say this is a very fun game, and the 3D effect is smooth and fast. Flash was never meant to ddo 3D, but this game shows that 3D can be done fast in low level language that ActionScript is. It also says that this game was made by Polish people, and because I am from Poland I am proud to see that a Polish person made this neat engine.

And now I should talk about the gameplay.
So, the game is very simple as you can't really make a complicated pool game unless you replace all the balls with lumps of cheese. And I enjoy pools, so i enjoy this game. The physics are good and controls are good too. It's a little awkward settign the power, but once you get controls nailed down you will be playing this game.

Overall, it's a small fun game that one can play when they have nothing to do. It doesn't have any pressure so you can just chill out and listen to the clicking sounds of the balls colliding.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2011
6:25 AM EST
Sports - Other