dbz:vegeta vs goku

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a fight i made from the manga majin vegeta vs goku.


What the Hack?!

This... is totally gay

Not even close to being ready.

For starters, the art is bad, but can be improved. There is no sounds or anything, no dialogue, no effects, no music. The flash is maybe 15-20 seconds in length which is absolutely horrible for a fight. There is no order to anything, just a bunch of random shit and repeated "slides." Why you made a fake "loading screen," is beyond me. Besides Goku and Vegeta, there is no color. Nor is there a scene at all, there isn't even a background! It's just a retardedly fast slide-show. You should try consulting some flash artists and see what they have to say in ways you can improve and how you can make these. Overall, this wasn't even close to being ready for Newgrounds.

Now, I'm not expecting you to be absolutely amazing at flash, but ask yourself this question, "Is this REALLY ready for people on Newgrounds to see?"

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Not worth the portal yet

I'll just get straight to the point - No one knows what's happening.
I'm a long time fan of DBZ, so I know what a good DBZ flash would have.
It needs sound effects , and music wouldn't hurt anything either.
Bring it back when it has more sound. And a background would be nice.

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I couldn't see what's happening, there was no audio and it was too short and overall, some might find it worthless to the portal.

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Wow. I have absolutely no idea what's going on. You should spend some time with storyboarding or at least make an effort to establish continuity between the scenes. If I hadn't seen DBZ I'd think it's some experimental abstract art.

Keep trying though. Noone was born as a flash god. Practice makes perfect.

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Jan 23, 2011
3:23 PM EST