Eddie's Lament

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It's a classic point & click adventure, except it's all done in rhyme! Help Eddie overcome his grief for his lost love and save himself from the living dead by collecting seemingly useless junk, like you always do in adventure games. Quoth the zombie, BRRAAAAAAAINS.

Click on objects in the scene to interact with them.
Click on objects in your inventory to pick them up, then click somewhere in the scene to try using them there. If you change your mind, click back in the inventory to set the item down again.



I love zombies so so much but this game was ok...it could be better and longer but blah it was pretty good

okay, here's the thing.

it's a point and click game so i could play it on my wii. but you cancelled robot wants series. i don't blame you for that because how could you sequel it anymore. but i can't even start it on my wii so i couldn't play it. flash 9 max.. but since it's you, i'll assume it's a 7.

To short. D:

It iz shortz! D: D: D: D:


This game was kind of so-so, considering the fact that I didn't need a walkthrough, and it was very short. (Trust me, I usually NEED walkthroughs!) It would be better if there was at least a more complex storyline, too. Despite all these facts, I rate it a 7.

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You know...

Normally one does not play these escape the room type of games, but when I heard the 'rhyme' without the time, I knew then this was different, with my findings I clicked and play, but of course, what was different about this game, was the lack of horror that was to be tame, this too was for my liking, for as I clicked the play button and did my sighting...

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1.36 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2011
2:08 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click