Eddie's Lament

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Author Comments

It's a classic point & click adventure, except it's all done in rhyme! Help Eddie overcome his grief for his lost love and save himself from the living dead by collecting seemingly useless junk, like you always do in adventure games. Quoth the zombie, BRRAAAAAAAINS.

Click on objects in the scene to interact with them.
Click on objects in your inventory to pick them up, then click somewhere in the scene to try using them there. If you change your mind, click back in the inventory to set the item down again.

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I love this take on the zombie apocalypse! Horror and poetry, quite an unexpected pairing.

As I was browsing Hamumu's games
I came upon a familiar name
"Eddie's lament", a game I'd played
And had fond memories, all things said

So I sat and started fresh
To view this horror/poetry mesh
The voice acting was a bit off
And nothing was notably tough

But all in all, twas rather fun
I'd for sure play another one
Even with its minor flaws
I still give it a round of 'plause
Quoth the rater: Star count 4

he has a badass mofo deep voice in an equation where hes trying to escape here alive

the maker of the robot wants series made this??????????

cannot stand that voice.

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2011
2:08 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click