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Book of Mages: Dark Times

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Author Comments

Guide your mage to the top ranking in Book of Mages! RPG with great story&multiple-endings

Book of Mages is a deep RPG game with great story, multiple-endings and a complex turn-based combat system. Choose who you want to be in the world of mages. Will you join the evil Black Robes, or the righteous White Robes? Will you become a traitor, a hermit, or even the Great Mage?

This is a game that will keep you entertained for ages. It has a great sense of adventure and huge amount of detail. It has multiple endings and 6 clans to choose from. Will you join the evil Black Robes, or the righteous White Robes? It's all you could ask for in an RPG. Put on your best robes and have it!

The learning curve might be steep, but it is worth it as you can replay the game many times with different outcomes!

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This is a great game. I played it years ago and come back for another round every few years when I'm feeling nostalgic.

In general the game is relatively easy with all clans, so what I like to do is figure out for each clan what the lowest level is that can achieve all of the following in the same run:

* Great Mage (including having defended the title from the challengers)
* #1 ranked
* beat the secret boss

(no attempt is made to win the first encounter with the assassin, except with Poison Water who can do it without sacrificing the rest of the run. Dark Wood is confirmed possible but would use a clan skill that's never used ever again in the entire run so it would push the minimum level up to 80 which is unacceptable. Haven't found a way with other clans yet, if that's even possible.)

As we all know, the lowest possible level that can become ranked #1 is 64, because otherwise arena enemies do not show up at rank 27 (64 * 1.25 = 80, and only level 80 or above enemies show up at ranks 27 and 19).

Also as we all know, the enemy behaviour is deterministic, except for the following four cases:

* 50% chance to use Freeze Defense
* 50% chance to use Silence
* If player knows Poison Wave, 50% chance for the enemy to use Poison Wave (obviously only relevant for Poison Water mirror matches)
* If player knows Mana Leak, 50% chance for the enemy to use Mana Leak (this is never relevant for any enemy that poses an actual challenge)

Technically I guess it's allowed to rely on these 50% chances, but it feels bad, so I say a run is stable if it doesn't rely on any 50% chances and unstable if it does.

So from lowest to highest level, and for info purposes the story path through the game that each took (affects the items available, which is important because items improve your stats without increasing your levels):

* Dark Wood 64 (White High) (stable)
* Burning Hill 77 (Fearless) (74 possible if unstable allowed)
* Poison Water 79 (White High) (73 possible if unstable allowed)
* Great Sea 81 (White High) (76 possible on Fearless if unstable allowed)
* Chaos Desert 85 (White High) (83 possible if unstable allowed)
* Ice Land 106 (Black High) (98 possible if unstable allowed)

If anyone wants to brainstorm strategies for lowering any of these levels, I would be eager to hear your ideas.
A lot of these are already pretty slim and it's hard to find more levels to remove.
Obviously we can't level any of the defensive bolts and should take as many items as possible, etc.

As an aside, if you were to ask which clans I find the most fun to play, I guess my rank would be Chaos Desert, Burning Hill, Dark Wood, Ice Land, Great Sea, Poison Water.
But that's just a personal playstyle thing.

Mage themed RPG flash. Graphics had a nice variety of colors and details. Gameplay would be improved with many more spells, attacks, and upgrades.

This was and still is one of my favorite games.

You can defeat Magesblood as Poison Water when he attacks.


You need to give up higher level magics in favor of using just paralyze and poison wave, giving you more points for mana and health. According to my old notes, I needed: 90 life, 330 mana, one high and one low basic spells maxed (at least one attack), maxed poison wave, paralyze. He'll die to poison, maybe because he makes the mistake of not using bloodbath because he's under some health threshold.

You don't even need to take the mana orb from Bloodusk, and can still have a skill point over.

One of the best flash games. The big challenge is figuring out how to beat the assassin when he attacks you. You're level 47, at most, and only get two clan spells and three high-level spells (which will either be additional attacking bolts or additional defending bolts).

Corruptor can be easily beaten as a Dark Wood mage - just let him pare you down to low health, then swap health with him and use the "30 damage to each" ability.

Magesblood is a bit harder. He has 200 health and 330 mana, and maxed out offense - his HL spells are AHA and ALA, so you can't get any hits in without letting him get the same amount in. The point, I guess, is to get him to run out of one or the other before you do. To face him, you have to come from one of the water clans.

Battle flow:

- The first four turns are simple. You attack with high or low, then your opponent does. After the first two, extra bolts come into play.

- The enemy uses 15 mana for every basic attack, plus 5 once the extra bolts come into play.


- Poison Water feels like it'd use poison wave and try to delay. Paralyze costs mana, which is at a premium, so I don't think it can be used. Reduce special is for aggressive builds, which you don't have the points to afford. Poisoned death needs poison effect and a lot of points, making it non-viable. I don't think you can get enough mana to outlast him.

- Ice Land can't afford Freeze Attack or Freeze Defend, Icy Death doesn't work for the reasons stated above, and there's no way to get freeze effect onto your opponent reliably, I think. The only build I can think of is using your high-level spells to get the effect on him, then using regeneration, but that leaves you with nothing for mana or health.

- Great Sea has mana leak, which would seem to be what you want from an anti-mana build. Get past the first four turns, mana leak him, then outlast his mana with the aid of Mana Drain. Absorb Damage is too mana-expensive to be viable, so you're looking at maxing out one offensive bolt to mitigate damage. After that, you either max out the other, or you use mana leak every attacking turn to avoid facing the other attack. I think the obligatory spend is (9 + 10) for standard and additional attacking bolts, and (9) for getting mana leak to max. The rest is for health and damage. Since you're taking two guaranteed hits of five for each non-main bolt you don't put a point in, you may as well save 22 mana and go for 9 points of health instead. Either way, you're out nine more points, for 37 guaranteed spend. Leaves you ten for health and mana, but you get three mana from mana stone. I was able to get him down to 10 mana left on the turn that he kills me by maxing HA and ML, and the rest in health and mana. Lasting one more turn would've been it, but before that turn I had 10 health and 43 mana left. One less mana and I can't cast mana leak, meaning I die. One less health and I'm already dead.


260 health, (110+60) mana, 10 HA, 20 ML

Any point taken from ML gives the enemy (4 casts * 2 turns)*2 more mana on the last turn, so pulling enough out to buy enough health to survive would give it enough mana that surviving that turn doesn't matter.


Anyways, did I miss something, or is it just impossible to defeat Magesblood the first go around? There's a trick to Corruptor, so I figured someone must've found a trick for the other guy.

holy crap, i forgot about this game and i'm so glad i found it once again

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2011
12:58 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 24, 2011