Book of Mages: Dark Times

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Guide your mage to the top ranking in Book of Mages! RPG with great story&multiple-endings

Book of Mages is a deep RPG game with great story, multiple-endings and a complex turn-based combat system. Choose who you want to be in the world of mages. Will you join the evil Black Robes, or the righteous White Robes? Will you become a traitor, a hermit, or even the Great Mage?

This is a game that will keep you entertained for ages. It has a great sense of adventure and huge amount of detail. It has multiple endings and 6 clans to choose from. Will you join the evil Black Robes, or the righteous White Robes? It's all you could ask for in an RPG. Put on your best robes and have it!

The learning curve might be steep, but it is worth it as you can replay the game many times with different outcomes!

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truly a classic, great and big story, simple but hard combat mechanics

I have spent so many hours on this game and I don't regret it at all. After playing in all clans, I have to say that I think Burning Hill is the best!

I just beat the game starting in burning hill and going neutral, i love this game.

i won and had a tittle of satan people are so mean but those white robes were winning 25 21 and i didnt stop the war or spare any xD

Step one: Play Chaos Desert
Step two: Amas enough training points to get max high and low bolts
Step three: Go to the magic master to get extra high and low bolts, and rank them up to max as well
Step four: Obtain enough mana so that you don't run out halfway through a fight
Step five: Obtain the extra attacking bolts special attack from the magic master, and rank them up to max
Step six: Collect the Burning special from the magic master.
Step seven: Learn the Drain Special skill.
At this point, you should have won the Young Mage Contest.
Step eight: Go the the Wilderness in Chaos Desert. You will find a graverobber there. Accept his bribe. This will come into play later.
Sidenote: Always fight in the arena if you can avoid the mana cave. You will get one training point if you lose, and win two if you win. This makes it the faster option.
Step nine: Continue ranking up your abilities and such. I don't quite remember when, but eventually, the town crier will say something and some more options will open up when it comes to exploring. Go to Darkwood, and go to the wilderness to find the graverobber. Take his bribe again, for it is the single most overpowered item in the game.
Step eleven: At this point, you will be shooting eleven bolts instead of ten, which means that you can get a decrease special bolt in, leaving them wide open to use burning+extra bolts. This means you are basically invincible (as long as you have enough mana and health)
Step twelve: (optional) once you hit rank one, badger the mysterious hermit until he fights you. Defeat him, and take your rightfully owned "Invincible" title.

Oh yeah, the game is great too. 5/5

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4.59 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2011
12:58 PM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place January 24, 2011