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Simple Dodge

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Author Comments

So this is my first submission to Newgrounds... I spent two days learning Actionscript and coding this game during that same time period. I'm well aware of a few issues, such as the absence of a preloader, but there are legitimate reasons for most of them, the preloader issue being the format of my code (very sloppy and in one frame). Anyway, if you can actually beat the game, congrats and enjoy!

EDIT: Forgot to add this in the initial description... WASD to move.
UPDATE: Added a preloader and replay button (press space when game ends to replay).
UPDATE: Higher definition background and a hurt animation.

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and this is your first!?!
nice man its simple and its hard but fun
when i see a wall of them i was like AWWWW SHT!!!!!
then make him go back and move or just charge it :P
i hope when i make my first game it will be as good as this or maybe better :D
gave a 5 and it went up 3 points :D ( me so help full)
lol also got to the green angries almost dun!!!

Glitchy, but okay for a start

To staart I gave you maximum five on the vote counter just because it's your first game. (1.84 - 1.87, not much but still.)

Overall I can see that this is litteraly nothing more than a technical demo for yourself to try and implement the skills that you have learnt. Improvements if, for whatever reason you were to continue this on would be to add more fluid movement to the block, or at least to an extent have it so the controlls are defined and generally standarized (There's a reason WASD and Arrow keys are normally both functions of movement.)

The game was too long for what it was, having collected some sort of pointing system would have made it nice, also the different types of enemies up to ghosts was a good idea, but as I said. Too long.

Onto the glitch, one glitch that I found is the ability to hold either up, or down, and simply move straight through the dense areas at the top and bottom. It'd just be a simple matter of stopping movement on dense areas as well as the slight bounce code you have.

Ah well, good attempt. I'd made a lot worse than you when I first started making games. Although I'm sure if you did any more they'd be better than this.

It's nice

This game is good for the first one.
I liked the "bounce" when you hit the limit of the screen.
You could add meteors to make you bounce or something.

Mate ...

First off, you should have asked for permision by Or4nge to use his music, or at least tell him you're going to use it. As a music creator myself, I wouldn't be angry, but I would be a little annoyed if someone was using my music without me knowing. I would love people to use my music! But it would be so much better if I knew you know?Second, this game is not rewarding at all. As soon as you die, no matter how well you did, it says "GAME OVER, YOU SUCK!" Thanks mate, you really wasted my time didn't you. Sorry, but this game could have had more potential, especially with great music like that.

Shivers616 responds:

I spent eight hours learning Actionscript and this is what I came up with. The game was initially intended simply for personal use, but I decided just before finishing to publish it to NG. The game over graphic had been in place for quite a while and if a flash game telling you that you suck really bothers you, don't play the game.

Well, i'm flattered..

Thanks for using my song! If you asked though, I could have sent a higher quality version. Quality also seems to be a recurring problem, the background picture and the sprites were fairly low definition.

And it also took me a while to figure out that you control with WASD, you should try including that in the author comments. I bet half of your 0's were because the player couldn't figure out how to play :/

But once I got past that, it was a fairly fun game. However repetitive it may have been. I realize it's your first game, so good job. it's responsive and controls well. Next time you should work on adding sound effects, and perhaps a learning curve; make angryfaces fly at you faster :P.

So all in all, you did well for a first try. Work on adding a menu, sound effects, and something to lessen the monotony, because it's the little things that make a great flash great, not just the gameplay itself.

Shivers616 responds:

Apologies for not asking first. I was in a hurry to submit the game so that I could go to sleep. Submitting this first flash at least shows me what I did wrong with it and how I can improve my future projects. Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

1.47 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2011
11:59 PM EST