garfrield da cat 2

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my mom said if u guys vote 5 she will quit smoking!!!! plz help!


At least this is better than the your 1st cartoon

Still some shitty animation.But better than your other one. And on the screen before i clicked on "play",did i see niggu or n****r? WOW,you sir are racist and has a bad taste in animation.I was going to give you a 5 but after seeing the "N" word,i rather give you a 2

clever troll

I vot3d 5ive i h0p3s ur m0m quitz da sm0k1n :D:D:D:D -RCXD


Dude this is the worst.

Masterful juxtaposition: bright colors, dark theme

While the previous installment in the hard-hitting Garfield Da Cat series dealt with binge eating, this one takes on a more powerful issue: marijuana. Here we have Garfield, a tortured figure whose inner demons drive him to take refuge in drugs against the wishes of his owner. One could easily extrapolate the allegorical connection to the disobedience of the American people to the government in the seemingly ineffective War on Drugs... While our government--our Jon, if you will--instructs us, with our best interest at heart, not to partake in marijuna smoking, many of us, just like Garfield, struggle with internal conflict which cannot be subdued by much else. Indulgence to numb troubling feelings is the centerpiece of this series, and it's tragic to see so many people dismiss something so thematically relevant in our modern Western culture. I, for one, appreciate this series, and strongly hope to see more of it in the future. Shine on, Garfield Da Cat.

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you dear sir have a disfuntional family

or its first class bull shit either way.
"i allmost died from making the chewing sound cause im allergic to penuts but i ate them anyways"...
besides why making a flash about Weed and say she will stop if we vote 5?
now (no offence) but some newgrounders are pretty stupid and will rate this 10/10 or 5/5. and some are fake accounts or other trolls or hacked accounts.
alot of people said "i wish you died from the penunts" and shit...now even I wouldnt scoop THAT LOW to say that. thats slack. the only reason i come onto this page is to see how pissed off people get. and some of the helpful reveiws...anyway there was alot less effort put into this yet it had a higher score? no matter...in due time it will sink so low someone will hafe to blam it. or tom is behind the whole thing and sitting at his computer LOL'ing his ass off at the reaction to this.

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1.91 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2011
6:40 PM EST