Unfortunate CarottClock?®

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go die


Fuck off Prickle

This movie was kool. Don't mind what PRICKle says, he's just a n00b and just is looking for attention. If you read his profile he's one of those "i'm gonna fuck with you so you can feel cool that i did" type of guy. I respect everyone on NGs but i think i found my first person that i don't.

Okay, this is NOT because you're a damn clock.

WTF was up with the graphics? It looked like the first submission of a thirteen year old who just bought flash last week. Come on, I know you said you put two hours in, but as I watched I thought "Okay, so 1 hour and 45 minutes you spent mastubating, right?" The graphics pissed me off and the computer voice was so terrible I wished you had just recorded your own voice. They're clocks, so it's not like you had to worry about lip syncronization. Something tells me the only reason you submitted this was to get in "Collections" with the rest of clock crew flashes.

Sorry dude

But that was horrible. There was nothing funny about it. The idea was really dumb. Maybe you should put in more work next time. Not trying to be mean but that sucked a pretty big one. Try harder and I'm sure it won't suck as much.

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2.14 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2002
2:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Original