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Mashed Potatoes!!!

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I worked really hard on this.

this animation is only allowed for Dipcracks. =]


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Bro, this has made me laugh so hard

I know what I won't be eating later

After watching a potato come out of a person buttocks...
While I'm not letting my disgust weigh in on my voting I just wanted to say that was unappetizing.
If you did put hard work into this my recommendation is to try harder. The animation was very poor in some areas and good in others.
The music wasn't very pleasant to listen too personally, but I won't hold that against since that's a preference, maybe the guy before or after me will like it.
The sound quality was alright, I understood about 65% of what was being said...guess that's not good at all. Anyway, try again and good luck.

The song is not too good

and the animation is sub-par.maybe better animation would have helped me love the song,but I dont think so


Umm the song itself and your flash animation was very good, bar the pooping potatoe part, I think thta could have done a little better...

Also maybe add a start button to this as a replaying moving is kinda annoying.

But I do like the originality of it and finally

I have some turkey... and I have some mash potatoes :P

I can relate!

I too had some turkey and mashed potatoes and then started seeing extraordinary colours.
Nice one. You the man etc.