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Demo Reel 2011

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Hello, how is it going?

This is a demo reel with animations i've completed from the past year or two. Past, present and future projects. If you don't see the full cartoons on my newgrounds page or on my deviantart, then they're not out yet. Do not ask me about them. I will not tell you.

Please do not repost this anywhere I will have it up on youtube shortly.

The song is a version of "Flip Flops" by WinterWind.

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I can't find a thing wrong with this.

Brilliant. Animation is flawless, and the piece is very emotional to me. Great job.

I played Immortal Souls on Armor Games. I remember thinking the animation was by far the best part of the game. The code was seriously glitchy. Nice work.

What's up with the guy below me though? The condescending little shit doesn't have a single animation on the site. How dare he try to take even a little credit for your tremendous skills and then criticize you for not improving enough?

Long time no see

Dear artist,
I'm very impressed. In 2009, I gave you advice, and sure enough, you followed through. I saw significantly more animation and less click-and-drag movement than in the 2009 demo reel. You minimized the use to only points wherein such boring animation is necessary - such as the falling clip.

Do not think, though, that I didn't notice problems. The very first clip - of the skateboard - had a few very boring frames of overly-simplistic animation: too simple for someone of your talent. I would've loved to see motion blurs and actual hand animated movement on the skateboard much like you did with the leg that propelled forward. I hope you're not confusing necessity with rationalization. This happened again during the third or fourth clip wherein we see a person in a red dress walking down a cobblestone path. I noticed that the shape of the face - the outline - just bobs up and down. I'm very disappointed that you didn't more smoothly animate that.

I will commend you, though, on the introduction to your video game clip. I did notice how you tried to animate every frill of cloth and every tuft of hair on the angel and demon respectively. That must have been a lot of work, I'm sure, and it shows and proves that you are capable of animating things to a very high, professional degree. The slow movement of them rising is one those situations where you have no choice but to actually use that method I describe as click-and-drag. That was fine, and it was done finely.

Long story short: you improved, but not as much as I hoped you would. See you again in two years.


I wanted see MORE!

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Jan 21, 2011
4:58 PM EST