Riddles of Renaissance

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Why did the egg cross the road? 10 Points

Because the chicken was waiting for it on the other side.

Pope 25 Points

Get the "Pope" class (10 stars).

Punteggio perfetto 25 Points

Achieve a perfect score (300).

Those are for codardi 25 Points

Complete the game without the use of hints.

Art historian 50 Points

Unlock all the paintings in the gallery.

Enigma Show 50 Points

On Master difficulty, complete the game in no more than 60 seconds AND achieve a pope ranking.

Addicted 100 Points

Beat the game four times without closing it.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

-Some hints and riddles will be fixed.
-Scoreboard will be removed.
-The quality of some pictures will be improved.
Thank you for your patience.


Daily 2nd...? Oh my God, thank you so much for my first award!

UPDATE (21/01/2011):

I'm thinking of removing the scoreboard. First, some people already managed to hack the game and get impossible scores. Second, nobody really seems to manage to reach over 297. When you're playing a game with a scoreboard, you need to be prepared for any score. It's not exciting at all when everyone keeps "reaching the top of the board" with the same score. And third, you can submit an even higher score when playing on Experienced than Master, which is not fair at all...

In a few days, maybe tomorrow, I'll remove the scoreboard and fix some of the problems that people have mentioned.

- In order to unlock the bonus paintings, you must solve the riddles flawlessly. Without any mistakes or hints.
- Please be patient... It'll take some time for the preloader to show up. It's a big file.
- Don't assume that I'm done with the game. I'll keep fixing the glitches and adding more.
- If you are sure you unlocked all the paintings but your painting count isn't 58/58 in the gallery, try going back to the main menu and enter the gallery again.
- In order to unlock the medal "Art historian", you must enter the gallery after having unlocked all the paintings.
- It's currently not possible to submit your rank to the scoreboard, but Mike's working on it.
- The first song after the main menu is "Sands of Saharah" by Wooormy. I think it was removed, and that's why I couldn't credit it.

Wow, I never thought I would finish this, but here it is: Riddles of Renaissance!

The instructions are simple. Read the riddle carefully and try to find out what it's talking about in the painting. Just point and click.

I know it's not a big game, but it took me a considerable amount of time to make it (to be precise; one year, one hour and sixteen minutes). I had to go through a lot, and, well, I learned a lot! In the end, it was well worth the wait.

The main purpose of the save system is for you to store your paintings, since there are over 50 of them. In case you are interested in reading their descriptions.

This game was inspired by the "Truth" riddles in Assassin's Creed 2. The riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum also played an important role.

If you are having problems, check the "IMPORTANT" part of the commentary. If it's not there, don't be afraid to contact me.

All constructive criticism is appreciated. Feel free to correct me about grammar and spelling too; English isn't my native language.


Probably a good game...

But I gave up after I saw the word riddle in the description.
Seems legitimate. Probably well made.
So i give you 10/4.

The game itself isn't bad, but please suck it up

This game isn't bad, although it's more of a hidden object game than a riddle game. Also, some clues in the riddles were pretty vague and a lot of them involved pixel hunting for a tiny detail.

The music you used is great, but the beep that follows an incorrect answer gets pretty annoying.

Putting the quality of the game aside, complaining about people giving you bad ratings because of bugs doesn't make you look too good. I mean, of course people are going to take points off for bugs. We know you have a life, but so do all the other flash artists on here, and they still manage to produce amazing works. I understand that you're mad because all your hard work is being insulted, but that how this industry works. If there's a flaw, it gets pointed out. Your complaints make you appear childish. Plus, whether it's Newgrounds or Youtube, there's always going to be people making shitty comments.

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mrty responds:

What I meant in the commentary was that I hated it when people wasted their reviews on single sentences like "lololol awesome" or "medals dont work". Many people don't know the difference between a comment and a review, that's what I was complaining about. Of course I'm going to take negative criticism.

found one secret medal.

on riddle 3 cluck on boob :)

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I luv it!

Hey, that was fun! And even educational, which cannot be said of many games. Good job! =)

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Number one

Great game, I love renaissance and detail on the renaissance paintings. All my 10 belongs to you. I hope you're working on, idk, secesm game ;D

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4.08 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2011
8:08 AM EST
Puzzles - Other