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Gamer Guilt

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Author Comments

***Thanks to Everyone Who Watches and Reviews***
This is my first real animation, so I'm a bit new to the game, but I'm glad my simple message has been conveyed!

As a gamer, I decided to create this short piece, as I'm sure any long time gamer can relate to it. Like most of you, I've purchased the latest and greatest gaming consoles and titles since I first got a Super Nintendo back in the early 90's. But even with today's technology, nothing beats the nostalgia of the games you grew up on. This is a homage to those games. Whatever they may be for you.


good first try

I was impressed with your first submission. I liked the fact you used real audio from your halo reach matches. The arguement between you and master chief was entertaining but it could have been improved. Im giving it a ten due to the fact you kept me entertained through out the movie. Try improving your drawing skills other than that great job.


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idk what to say about this

it was a little bit funny but i don't know why he was playing shitty xbox has he heard about littlebigplanet? its a game made for kids but adults play it and i don't understand halo reach is for adults and these little kiddies swear on the mike and bitch about the person who just killed them. Also the animation in this was terrible but the voice acting and humor was quite good but the repetitive actions when they were talking was annoying. I bet that guy got an xbox because his poor friends have it. Also i like nintendo its just that people say that sony focuses more on graphics then gameplay well that isnt true guys just search up littlebigplanet 2 and you'll see what im talking about its like a game by sony where you can do anything and it has good graphics i could make any crappy nintendo game in 20 minutes using littlebigplanet 2's level creator. Wow i went a little bit off topic there lets just say that this is a good flash but it was a wrong decision for him to buy a crappy xbox 360 its just for shooters really.


Well, the graphics weren't anything special. Just had a loop on everything really. Also, why is MASTER CHIEF in this? Halo, of course, but you're talking about Halo Reach. That's Noble team, there is no Master Chief. Actually, Master Chief would probably be thanking him that he stopped playing a game without him in it, but been mad that he wasn't playing one of the earlier Halos with him in it. 6 stars for a bit of effort and stuff, but it wasn't anything special.

I agree, sort of...

I will always love all my older games and no matter how many graphically brilliant, gritty, down-to-earth games Xbox and PS3 make, Nintendo will probably remain the most best company for video games.
However I can't help feeling great satisfaction in said graphically brilliant, gritty, down-to-earth games like Halo: Reach, which I really do like and don't especially agree with "Repackaged garbage with a s*** narrative.
(Basically, I like, and probably always will like, both Mario and Halo. I guess I'm just not very harsh about anything when I judge stuff.)

As far as the animation was concerned, it wasn't that good, but the voice acting and scripting were excellent, so, good job, I guess.

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I don't give a shit about most modern games. If you think about it, the 360 and PS3 are only good for shooters and racers, the only games anyone knows how to make anymore, plus I don't really like those games anyway. The single player is fun and multiplayer with only your friends is cool, but once you get online those little kids who take the game to seriously and think they can kick your ass outside of the game just ruin the whole experience. I love the old days when developers made games for the gameplay and didn't give a shit about graphics or flashy visuals, or online multiplayer. I also miss when you could only play multiplayer in your own home, that way if someone wanted to badmouth you, they had to say it to your face. I actually spend more time playing my Nintendo 64 than any other console I own. Nice flash.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2011
8:03 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 3rd Place January 22, 2011