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enjoy this game

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Painful version of a classic

I hate to say this, because I am quite partial to a little Mahjong from time to time. The ripping sound that you chose to use for the removal of the tiles seems so out of place, that I felt I wasn't really in the game and on top of that, the detail of the pieces seemed quite difficult to understand.

Playing with four suits made it difficult, as you had the circles, bamboo and "wan" sets, which all explained themselves easily, then there was a fourth set, which seemed vaguely akin to the flowers and seasons, which in other games can be removed with any other tile of it's kind. Having spring remove summer, autumn or winter, while plum blossom can pair up with chrysanthemum, bamboo or orchid gives the player a little leverage that can change the game.

I noticed that sometimes when I pressed shuffle, the tiles didn't seem to move. Perhaps some sort of programming code is needed to stop a tile landing in the same place? Also, when the number of available moves decreased to zero, the shuffle button should really flash, so that the player knows not to waste time.

Finally, when you pause the game, would it be better to get the game screen taken away, since otherwise players could cheat their way to the top of the leaderboard, by not taking hints and searching for the moves that would most benefit them.

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