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Play as Gammo, the amazing Hover Board rider, and jump your way to victory.

This is the first game in the hover series. It is short, but fun and addictive. This is my first flash game, and i hope to improve. Please comment but don't be to harsh.

Visit gammogames.webs.com to step into the future.


A good first attempt

The music was nice but the game play was not very interactive. Perhaps your next attempt you should add something going on in the background like flying birds passing clouds and what not.

too bad :/

the idea of an "airboard" is good and the music is nice but the game is really poor in every sense...

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I found it quite lacking.

I'd say that the best part of this game was the music, and I don't like techno.

I gave you a little bump for effort, but there isn't much here at all. Apart from jumping I'm not even sure if our stick friend moves at all. But even then I think it's just the background moving throughout.
There's no drive for the player either. There really isn't much point behind this game at all other than the simple curiosity of exploration.

It's my guess however that this was intended to be a test for future submissions. So allow me the courtesy of a few suggestions?

1. Make our little stick dude do a lot more. It's not so much an artistic lack if our thin friend can do more. Back flips, forward flips, dashing, double jumps, cart-wheels to name a few actions.

2. Give us something to do when we play this game. Make us find an object. Make us explore places with fun backgrounds or an interesting platform pattern or layout. Introduce a point system maybe. Anything beyond simply going to the next platform. I'll say here that I didn't make past the first check point, not because of difficulty but boredom.

3. Consider putting a bit more time into aesthetic flare. You don't have to to make a good game, but it helps. You don't even have to change the look of the stick man. Still, changing the style of platforms and clouds would help.

4. I said earlier that the music was the best part. In a good game music is key but certainly is not the best part. (usually) In fact, it was the music that kept me going for a little while. So I trust your judgment there. Although, a few other songs wouldn't hurt either. That is depending on what kind of game it is. One song is usually good for a short game. But if there are different levels or especially different moods you might want to focus on then another song or two would be better. Again, I'll trust your judgment in this matter.

There's nothing more to say other than take it back to the drawing board and work on it more.

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gammogames responds:

Hey dude. Thanks for the advise. I am new to flash and this is the first thing that i have ever made using it. I expected it to be this bad, and published it so that improvements were recomended. Thans again,



Add a few obstacles, motions, effects and little more difficulty,not a bad game, just could use some more details

Fun and addictive.

Dang bro good job, especially if this is your first flash game. The game is simple but enjoyable, and I look forward to the next one with improved graphics =D. Only suggestion for next game besides graphics improvement would be to smooth out the jump controls (They felt a bit stiff for me).

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2.14 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2011
1:46 PM EST
Skill - Other