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HEY! This is a game based on the beta I released a few days ago, and I've fixed heaps of bugs and problems. This used to be known as Ransid but the name was changed to Rader after working out the definition of the first name. ANYWAY! Hope you enjoy the game, any constructive criticism would be great!

If the game LAGS heaps, just refresh and it should work, sorry but a proper preloader is difficult in TGF2

To kill the first BOSS, stand at the turret and use the up and down keys to direct the turret at the BOSS.

Copyright Jesse Duffield 2010, music by 8bit Weapon!

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Its not perfect, and needs some fine tuning(first and for most, pausing), But its much better then a 2.5. What it lacks in detail, it makes up for in its puzzling aspects. the concept itself is also very good. I would recommend something that shows the amount of fuel you have so some can plan around that. To conclude, the game is good, but it can be better.


sorry, it's bad... I'm afraid it lags too much and isn't exactly the best control scheme...

AVeryCoolGuy responds:

There are only three buttons. How is that a bad control scheme, and if it lags I cos TGF2 doesn't really have proper preloader

I see you played IWBTG

Sorry but this game isn't hard, it's just a massive dick. Getting stuck on the ceiling while flying is common so I get shot in tight spaces and have to start over. The booby traps that are impossible to see coming without psychic powers is also just a large middle finger to the player, even bigger when you consider they often come after really tough parts without a checkpoint in between (and there is sometimes more than one). The first boss is also impossible if you don't see him coming and use the jetpack the second you enter his lair. Otherwise you get stuck in a hole with no way out and no way to die, forcing a complete restart. Yes I no you need to manipulate the turret to kill him, but I can't do that since I'm stuck in a hole. I suppose this could appeal to masochists, but most people like challenges, not unfair ones. Remember that for your next game.

Good, but it needs more Cowbell

I LOVE this game! epic twists, unexpected deathtraps and crazy level designs make it an amazing piece of work. my kudos to the artist who created this. one criticism, have you considered making the levels a bit more challenging? most of them i was able to make it through on the first try... i'm sure you could come up with something more complicated that actually takes some effort to complete. anyway, great game! everyone should play this!
well yeah thats mt review from the beta version. i think, if this is too easy for you try the original rader game by AVeryCoolGuy. trust me it may seem impossible but it is possible. just very difficult. if anyone finishes the original, inbox me please i would like to personally congratulate the completion of your lifes work. yeah thats how long it will take :D Anyway this game is just as good have fun happy newgroundsing.


The game is decent, screen is way too small and physics are mediocre. You should allow the character to fall faster, may make things that required you to try 500 times only take 50 attempts instead.

AVeryCoolGuy responds:

Thanks for the feedback, The screen probably is small but if you believe the character is falling slowly, lag is probably the problem. If you refresh the page, it should go at normal speed.

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3.61 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2011
3:47 AM EST