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Bluescale Escape Kitchen

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Escape the strange bluescale kitchen!

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puzzles were a little hard the music got on my nerves after a while but the music and the art was a good combination

Nice point and click puzzler

Once a puzzle is completed in this game, it's challenging enough to give oneself a nice sense of accomplishment. The music and graphics are quire fitting giving the feeling of being entraped.

However as a previous reviewer mentioned, The objects you can interact with, don't always react when you click on them.

I've found 3 marbles, 2 keys (the ice one I've retained), a screwdriver and a hammer. I have no idea how to progress further:

In particular, I really don't get the phone puzzle: I've tried "AGCD" and "DCGA" and even even "651, "0651" and "1851" from the clock. Either none of them work, or dialing is broken (which is possible as I haven't been given any indication of "Number does not exist" and the like). :(

Anyway nice game, I hope you release the walkthrough soon.

A bit hard to click

Great game. Puzzles were challenging yet left you enough where you could figure it out if you gave it enough throught. 9/10 since clicking on the things I wanted to look at ended up making the game much longer than desired.


a true puzzler plenty of hints if you know where to look and the puzzles weren't too hard. instant fave.