Zombie Home Run

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This is not my first game ever, but my first Flash game. So far it has received better reviews than I ever expected, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Thanks for playing! :)

30/1/2011: Made survival mode a bit more challenging and rewarding.

16/1/2011: Fixed bug in survival mode, when entering survival from the menu you started with the health you had at the start of the last level you played. Not anymore, now survival mode starts with full health.



The story was so in-depth I couldn't help but feel attatched to everyone. The detail was incredible; no zombie was the same! I think that is why I loved this game...that or the moment I realized I just hit a grenade with a baseball bat in a pixel game...

Fucking Awesome!!

Awesome Gameplay man, I didnt know i could kick 400 zombies asses at once using a baseball bat! The Cut scenes where sweet, the game play was sweet, the whole damn game was sweet. Well done good sir!

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I like this simply

because of the healthy eating story. I'm tired of seeing all these fatasses bitchin and complainin...

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Epic game, I'll say.

I was doubtful at first, thinking this would be another of those "you just go around bashing the hell out of zombies." Glad I'm wrong.
It was an easy to understand game, the story was simple, the music was awesome and it was surprisingly enjoyable beating the ever loving crap out of the zombies.
Sadly, it was only seven levels, which was kinda dull. I'm aware that Survival Mode is 99 levels but I highly doubt I'll be able to pass that any time soon...
Also, you might want to make the player able to buy some upgrades with the money you get. I liked how I'd pull of a very high combo and have a ton of cash, though... Admitting, I payed more attention to the money than the zombies (didn't die, though!)
Excellent game.

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Why did the boss look like Ben Bernanke?

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3.69 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2011
9:52 AM EST
Action - Other