Robot Clashes

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Robot Clashes is a real time strategy game. You have to upgrade gear, and let your robots pick it up. Level up and learn new talents. It is an epic and fast game!


good but could be better

I missed the option to stop your own solders coming or at least to regulate their frequency. But I think, thats the game and I have to deal with it.
Sometimes it was very annoying, that the camera went to the homebase, when I wanted to watch the front, but send some reinforcements. And sometimes I wanted to see the stats of the enemy base but couldn't because my solders were fighting in the middle of the map.
Enough of the flaws! The graphics are very nice and I really liked the commander between the levels. Especially when he had the alien in his face. :)

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Great game but it is to easily beaten and not muck content to keep you intertained.

Good as a distraction for a hour


just plain great

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It was good no doubt

Nothing really changed through out the game. Just the map and the looks of the people. Thats really all i can say

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Building the perfect force.

This game, out of the many RTSs I've played, strikes me as the one that best teaches people how to control a real army.
For instance:

When you're calculating which armor and weapon combos work best, you're doing research.
When you're worried about making sure that you're armor and weapon combos are placed correctly so as to be picked up in the build you want, that's logistics.
When you're saving up points to upgrade your armor and weapon at the same time, you're handling troop movement (reinforcements).
When you're deciding which builds need to go first lest you run out of defensive gunshots is war tactics (like chess: beginning, middle and end game).

This game was interesting and I like how the skill builds influenced your builds during the battle. I even like the crate system (all alone I suppose). What I really thought was done well was the camera system's responding to the mouse nearing the crate drop icons. Very nice programming. The art was very nice as well. I feel sad that I didn't realize you could change your robots looks until after though, that would've been nice.

Mr. Niklas Lipka you will not get as much recognition as you deserve. Kudos to Waterflame as well.

As I was playing I always came across the builds mentioned in game before the game said it. I dunno if this is a build sequence that alot of people see, but i started off weapon based generally, as when i went armor heavy snipers took me down.
So my sequence was pretty much spray/med->shot/low->sni/ass->spec*/f reeze->high->acid/capt. with the assassin snipers and Capt. Acids being made more frequent as resources grew. I think it was a pretty good build, but i bet you could do more with assassins... I would love to see a multiplayer version.

Now, that's not to say this game is perfect. Although the different colored planets and the dynamic "handler" character helped, this game got very tedious near the end. I think what might've helped the plot would be each world is a different race's battles leading to the overarching conclusion. Hell maybe even allow the player to pick sides. It's rather unaffecting to gameplay and would've boosted immersion for sure. And although I would've been satisfied with Mission 4-5 being the end of it, there was no cut scene. Really? REALLY?? It would seem that maybe it finishes on mofunzone but meh, i don't really care enough to play more anyway. I think that if their had been more build options (more rows? Some kind of gadget? Summons?) the game would've felt more open and free.

I do wish that your description had given a small tutorial or gist of the idea of the game, but oh well. That's what we get when the producer is corporate instead of the author submitting his own stuff. Nevertheless, good game.

I give you no score, 'cause I don't want to change it from 4.26 and a 8/10 cuz i had to make myself play it at the end.

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4.32 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2011
8:56 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)