Robot Clashes

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Robot Clashes is a real time strategy game. You have to upgrade gear, and let your robots pick it up. Level up and learn new talents. It is an epic and fast game!


Robot Clashes with logic

Robots are being send to war without even pushing a button. Like a Ford factory the "warmachine" poops out Robots into the battlefield engaging (very) similar robots who are planning your destruction.

Where does the secret-sniper squad come from? In the last few levels the opponent has access to multiple sniper-ajustments for its troops making it almost impossible to defeat that after 3 times or so it gets thrown at me. :(
Too bad also that you do not gain any XP even if you loose a level, because gaining XP is really slow at the later levels.
The concept is fine and of course it looks great.
It is a bit tricky dropping ajustements crates for your soldiers if the crates shift all the time in order, or that your soldiers do take the armor but not the gun. Sad... It looks good and stuff, and was a great time waister. But, it is not strategically too difficult, it's rather that it's just unnecessarily hard.

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did u no...

this game has crappy grammer


great game. got a little frustrated at the way the blocks flipped on you last second. like id have my sniper,my acid guy, my shotty and freeze all on stand-by, then hold and right as i click to send them all another block lights up and sends everything haywire and i wound up clicking everything through all assbackwards and got raped. and having to time your drops the way you do just sortof takes away from the other aspects for me at least. getting it wrong means having a basically useless weapon or armor(depending). maybe in the next one let us combine our gear beforehand?
and the leveling could use a little tweaking as far as keeping it a little less controlled. less geared towards "beat a level gain a level". definitely expand on the perks. the ones you have in here mix really well with the gameplay and i think it would be very cool to see it be able to get a little ridiculous towards the higher levels. definitely one of my new favorites and would love to see another in the near future :)

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loved it
played all the way through and to all those claiming it is too hard

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Loved it

Great game started off kinda bland but i got really addicted to it and my fave is the general + acid gun combo

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4.32 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2011
8:56 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)