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Benny's Adventure

rated 1.75 / 5 stars
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Jan 18, 2011 | 3:14 PM EST

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Firestarter 50 Points Turn on the Heating in under 30 seconds.
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Author Comments

My first game, did everything myself; art, programming and music.
Thanks to TurkeyOnAStick, Havegum and Cloudeater for testing and helping me figure out the code.

Benny's Adventure started as part of the winter game jam here on newgrounds. I was the artist on that team but unfortunately the programmer had some computer trouble in the last couple of hours before the deadline, which meant our submission didnt get finished. Having already made all the art for the game I figured I`d just do it myself.


[You wont get a pop-up but the medals do work]


[it can sometimes be difficult to maneuver through the prison (what do you expect, you're an ox). Neither me nor my testers encountered unpassable obstacles though, let me know of your problem and Ill see if I can help you out.]



Rated 4 / 5 stars

For a first game

it quite good. you should work on the controls though.
especially when jumping into one directon while standing still or is this momentum like feature part of your challenge? (oxes can jump forward not only up from a standing position)

i think most people have difficulties with the drawn cavalier perspective/projection. (i sure had some when trying to jump from the second box that you drop below to reach the upper most plane) this 3d like drawing of the platforms is sometimes irritating and confusing and i would not really recomennded this for such a platformer...

but hey, it you first game and definitely better than my first attempt so : congratulations!

ps: please make a restart button or better, bind a key with a reload funtion to make it easier to restart once you have lost too much time (when trying to get the 30 seconds medal)

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not to bad considering

Well, this game was overall mediocre. This is because of many things, which i am about to explain, but for its size and the fact that it was your first game, it wasn't bad at all.

Gameplay: 6/10 & 3/5, I do understand that the controls were supposed to a little, well, annoying. Unfortunately, they were a little to annoying and VERY tedious, however, kudos to you for getting the movement of an ox so truthful.
Story: 7/10 & 4/5, It was a short game, not giving much room for a story, but you did end up putting in a pretty nice and somewhat comedic story, but it could have had more backstory, maybe a scene with Benny and the other ox.
Music (3/5 & 1.5/2.5) and Graphics (2/5 & 1/2.5): 7/10 & 2/5, The music was nice, but was overall too repetitive. this is because it uses basically the same sounds and rhythms over and over, however i do understand that this is a short game. Graphics could have been much better. According to the story, this takes place in a jail, so why not add some cells or guards in the background?
Overall Game: 6/10 & 3/5

Final Verdict: 6/10 & 2/5 + 1/10 & 1/5 (because it was your first game) so 7/10 & 3/5, you did do a good job in consideration that you did everything your self, as well as this being your first game, do overall, good job

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


the hit detection is a bitch.
you can get stuck behind something way o easy.
+ that there is no real jump controle.
nice try.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Sorry Charlie

The controls were really really poor. I like a character to do what I tell it when Im playing a game.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too bad.

It's a diamond that needs some more polish would be one way to put it.

I mean, you had the clever plot, the setting, character, good art, music, nice little intro. I expected it to be a generally fun and good game once it started up. Then I tried to play and the expectation took a tumble if anything.

To me there's a difference between a game being purposely difficult and unnecessarily difficult.

It felt like the ox was snatched out of a completely different game and thrown into the level system. The controls were really loose and sluggish, it didn't fit the platforms or surroundings at all.

At the start of the level it's required to run forward, turn around and jump over the three pillars. 9/10 times I got stuck in between mainly because the the ox didn't fit and couldn't get over. On the other half of the level is the whole box pushing scene, all is pretty good until you have to turn around and get up to the second level. It seems the 'hit detection' or whatever you wish to name it struggles here and causes frustration. Alas, when up on the second level you need to push a box off the ledge, no problems there. Until you hop down, this part of the level is a big smack in the face whenever I attempt to do it.

The gap in which you have to jump up in is incredibly small, coupled with the fact I seem to magically teleport through a tiny gap between the top of the box and the bottom side of the second platform. It's really a sucker-punch and takes the enjoyment away from it.

Finally I get to the end of the level, push the box down and it should be all simple from here. But it isn't, the ox is completely unable to jump over the wall, yet when I go back a bit it works as if by magic.

Considering it's your first game I'd say it's pretty good. I just think it's difficult for the wrong reasons. Everything else aside from the controls and other few mishappens were great. I'm not slamming you or saying it's a terrible game, just pressing some issues that may need some tweaking.

There's no doubt I'm exaggerating with some points here, and it's not as bad as I'm making out.

It just needs a little working on is all.

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