Mazimo - The Drill Master

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^^ Hello there people this is going to be my main character wish I'm gonna be doing most of my animations and as you might have seen is inspired by Gurren Lagann =D


love the ending quote. just wish it would of had some music from gurren lagann.


Better than some of the crap I've seen. The drill spear is more proof that drills are the answer to all of life's problems.

A good first attempt.

A modest 7 and a 5.

Now, for the reasoning and some advice.

The reason I've given you a 7 is because of the effort you put in. The five is for the smooth-ish animation. For a first timer, it's pretty damn good.

Now for the tips:

Work on fluidity of your animation. The more frames the better. It doesn't hurt to go overboard on frames. It creates a smoother and all around better quality animation.

Text Scrolling. The text scrolling needs to be sped up just a bit, as most people on NG do not have any form of patience.

Since this is your introduction of your character, make a story for him. Seriously, you have this great idea of a stick figure, elaborate. As a writer (currently trying to get two books published), I know it doesn't hurt to do a little background. But that is the key word, little.

Try not to go overboard with story when it comes to stick figures. The less that is needed to remember, the more your audience can enjoy the carnage and sheer awesomeness that is Stick Figures. Unless you are going to develop an entire story and this will be more than a series of gory stick fights. Then, by all means, develop away (within reason).

Lastly, I'd just like to say keep at it and you can do some really kickass things. You show a lot of potential and I look forward to viewing more of your work.

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Mazimo responds:

hahaha thx for the awesome comment and the tips!!! im new to animation so any helping hand is more than welcome ^^ and another thing since your a writer i was wondering if you could give me some cool ideas to make a story or we could also work together. (i know im a noob soo the faster i learn the better and you sound like you know your stuff)


drills dont work that way man.
still kinda funny

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Mazimo responds:

lol im still new to animation sooo if you could give me some tips it would be highly appreciated =D

it was ok

I can see you have potential. You just need more practice if you enjoy making flash videos.
A few tips:
-the music was alright for a little then it got repetitive
-it dragged on a little (no one has attention now a days)
-try to get a simple background (like a painting or door)
-try and make the words a little faster
-try and animate the characters a little more

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Mazimo responds:

ok ok thx for the advise but i didnt understand your second point plz if you have time try and explain it to me a lil better (sorry eng not my first language) ^^;

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Jan 18, 2011
12:48 PM EST