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Lab Rat Labyrinth 2

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Author Comments

Free the mouse from the labyrinth within the depths of his cage in this puzzling sequel!

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Hey don't listen to that guy below me. Your'e game ROCKS!!!!!! I love the music it goes so well with the game and the puzzles got progressively harder and made me think. I think this game has potential to become an IPad and/or IPhone app- I'M SUPER CEREAL. Keep up the good work mang!!

P.S. 1,000,000 out of 10

ok so thats pretty much what i expected

PG UP PG DWN doesnt work on a mac. why not just use space? its not earth shatteringly cool that page up goes up. plus the mazes should have been waaaay harder

Recipito responds:

That's why I added the option to use O and K instead of PgUp and PgDn.

Space bar fails to suffice due to tiles with "stairs" going up AND down, leaving space bar out of the question for a system that needs TWO inputs.

Did you play all 8 levels? The final level is fairly challenging...