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woodcutter sim 0.4

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It's a little woodcutting simulator I made recently, it's for lulz mainly, so don't expect any fireworks, deep storyline or breathtaking plot twists. It's really rather pointless ;)


When given some more free time, i'm going to develop it into full-featured game with fireworks and any other great shit i mentioned before. It was mentioned to be a part of strategy game, but I found the a.i. simulator lulzy, so i shared it with you. (posted it few months ago on 420chan's /f/ board)

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Many of my best friends are lumberjacks and only a few of them are transvestites.

I dont get it what the hell is the fking goal

Van-pl responds:

the goal of this game is the same as the goal of life :P

one of them just randomly said "I'm Fucked!"

Van-pl responds:

hahah, I made that message appear in the debugging process, when the AI just got stuck at something. When you let the woodcutters cut all the wood, they instantly forget their duty, even when the trees had already grown back. It's more of a feature, than it is a bug ;)

Dude, wheres the action?

Be glad I gave you what I did, its better that no stars at all.

Van-pl responds:

Sorry, no flashing tits and flowing booze on this release.

good, but needs major improvements...

1: graphics
2: perhaps different resources, such as rocks, meat, etc.
3: family-to-family interaction
4: if there are to be more resources, then items that help people to do things, like dig, hunt, farm, weave, etc.
5: if numbers 2 and 5's possible improvements are to be made, then different kinds of people, like doctor, genius, moron, brute, farmer, etc.
those were just some thoughts. if you make any new version of this, i would appreciate a private message

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2.59 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2011
10:19 AM EST