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Ancient Powers NX8

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Ancient Powers is a RPG-Metroid Like game with 3 alternative endings in a Single Screen. 35 min of average gameplay.

- A single screen RPG and metroid like,
- Skill puzzle in the map.
- A story with 3 endings,
- 2 Bosses.
- 35 minutes of average gameplay (45 or more for three endings) ,
- Original sound track (exclusive for this game),
- 3 diferent enemies.
- 2 diferent skills (fire and cold), customizable with 4 parameters each one.
- 3 Diferent music.
- Sound effect 8-bits style.
35 min of average gameplay.
3 Languages, English, Spain, German

Up to jump, Left, right to walk, x To fire (if you have it), C to Cold (if you have it) z to modify your power.


Great Game

This game was pretty fun and I thought it was fairly original too. I rly didnt find freezing those things that annoying, I thought it was a neat addition to the game. The only thing is I got the third ending and I'm too lazy to go get the other two : P

It's a good game but...

It gets boring after a while, I got to the point of draining the water got 1 key and is confused what next? I think I got a glitch or something because I relighted the candle next to the gate... I saw a bottom area and behind the gate was a entrance to that area but was stuck trying to find another key I did everything got all powered up nothing.. :I no impressed...

Sooo original strory ¬¬

What then? he will become a Colossus?


Great game, liked it a lot! Really nice graphics, gameplay and story.

There were 2 things though..

1. As some others mentioned, freezing the flying things to jump on them was quite annoying.
2. I stopped playing after I had spent over 30 minutes trying to finish the game, and then instinctively pressed Esc, thinking it would pause the game. However, it brought me back to the main screen, with no way to continue the game, and without even asking for confirmation.. That is really evil..

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Really good

There are a few things I didn't like though:
1) Freezing the enemies to jump on them was a pain in the arse as it left so little room for error.
2) The level up was a little broken, I just sat shooting the same two green blobs for a few minutes and maxed out my powers. Exp should have only been given for progressing the game (like with pickups or something).

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3.91 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2011
2:51 AM EST
Adventure - RPG