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Codename : Ballistic

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Stranded behind enemy lines, your task is to destroy the enemy bases and equipment. Use the weapons at your disposal, like RPG, cannon, howitzer etc. Leave no one alive!

Finnish all the game levels with 25 000+ points to unlock bonus levels.

Choose the language at the preloader screen ...

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Nicely done

You're probably going to get a lot of reviews claiming that this is just Castle Crashers... however, Halo and CoD are just DOOM. Though you can tell that this is inspired by crashers, it is a very nice start to what I am guessing will be a sequel. Though the game is unique in it's own way, you need to find other ways to stand out so that this doesn't simply emulate crashers. You have done a very good job... OH and there is yet another way yours is unique, you added a little ending animation... nicely done.

Small problem...

Half decent game, Only trouble is you don't have any way of knowing which targets are dead which makes it a pain when there's only one left and they're all in a position that could mean they're dead.

It's a game similar to Castle Crushers.
By your logic, 80% of games on Newgrounds would get a 0 for being a similar type >.>
You're not using catapults or medievil weaponry and you're not crushing castles.

Good Game

Good game overall. Physics were good. The game is alot like Castle Crushers but with a modern twist. To be critical of this means you would have to be critical of every defense game, every rpg and most any other game here on Newgrounds. I didn't see any sign of it being in Dutch and I could see the box in the lower left which said Targets Left so you knew how many enemies were left.

I am doing a pretty useless review here, but I felt compelled to say something after the first two reviews which were even more useless then this review.

I enjoyed the game and I think other people will as well. Good work.


It's Dutch, which is not very suitable for the english Newgrounds :)
Also, it's not clear at all what targets have already... deceased and which have survived your bombardment.
Might wanna change this?

wootra responds:

You can choose the language of your like at the preloader screen ...
of course, English is one of them, but also there are French, Brazilian, German and etc.

Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2011
12:03 PM EST