An Awesome Test

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Simply an awesome little test video I built to try out my skills in Flash. Please don't rate it down just for being a test video.


I like it.

Complete ear-RAEP, but i like it. After a few minutes it starts to sound cool.

LewkTheFrog responds:

That was the point :)

Is the music not stopping?

I know it's on loop, but it seems each time it loops, the music continues, and starts a new track at the same time, leading to mutiple tracks of the same song overlapping and making a mess. Otherwise, drawing's pretty good, too bad there's nothing there.

Checked the song you used, and it sounds nothing like what happened here.

Just... bad.

First of all, there is no preloader. This is what first tipped me off that this might be bad. Second the music is annoying and repetitive. Last it just sucks! Two sentences of poorly animated text, on a OK background does not make a good movie! To sum it all up this movie is badly animated, repetitive, annoying, and most of all, boring. You said not to rate it down for being a test video. However something like this does not need to go on Newgrounds. If you want to make test videos, fine. Just don't put them on Newgrounds.

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Jan 15, 2011
7:14 PM EST