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SicTV Channel 1

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Author Comments

In the same vein as the Robot Chicken Franchise, this is the first installment of the SicTV series. Follow the exploits of our father and son team as they embark on a television journey through un'bear'able politics and other not so sanitized for TV programming. It's Dino-riffic!!!

Now featuring remote control functioning. Hover over the screen to activate the remote control , and from there, press buttons relating to skit selection.



soo great! your animation is amizing! & that was halirious too! great work 10/10!

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Quite a Nifty 'Toon Ya Got There...

This has to be short (I'm constipated and just drank a liter of Prune Juice and ate what was left of the thirty year old Ex-Lax my Grandmother had in her medicine cabinet...). Okay, Great 'Toon, perfect for people with ridiculously, impossibly, infuriatingly short attention spans, it was really well drawn, ETC... Y'know, all the Usual kudos people give... BUT, a lot of 'Toons have all that (Not as many as I would like, but...), the thing YOU have is the cuteness factor. Dark humor mixed with new puppy-like cuteness. It never misses with the jaded, disillusioned, I-Really-Wish-I-Could-Buy-A-Gun-Witho ut-Having-To-Wait-Ten-Days Thirty-Something Demographic. Really, if you wanted to, you could corner the Newgrounds market on cuteness with just a few more episodes ('Not a lot of cute %$#& on Newgrounds these days...). Look at it this way, a lot of 'Toons have violence. A lot of 'Toons have violence while also poking fun at the mentally handicapped, but you took slap-stick, severe, repeated physical trauma and the resulting consequences of such cranial injuries on a young boy's faculties, a little bit of blood for cover and even with all that, you still made it as cute as a Disney film...! Good an ya...! Please make some more as soon as yo..... Wait.......... wait........... Uh-oh............. Ooooooooooooh Lord................ Okay, Okay, Okay, ummmm, I gotta go (literally...)...

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1000 points

McGruff Win

"but this dog hasn't had much to wag about"

THE DOG IS SO FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im about 29% more dumb now because of this but i guess it was okay

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Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2011
7:07 PM EST
Comedy - Original