burungeru epidsode 1

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this is a movie brought to you by kellogs flake


power of salad

Horsenwelles responds:

blacks payed you off didn't they

Well... it's decent voice acting.

If I can't say anything else good about this piece, I can always fall back on the voice acting - you've got good quality and presentation of the audio here, which does offer a lot of potential to the piece.

I'm not sure that the way it works with everything else is entirely perfect. It was a shame that you couldn't have expanded upon the plot and given more of a show, Yes, the drawing was adequate for your two characters, but considering one of them did nothing but provide the salad and the rest of the plot was the consumption of said salad, followed by a few lines, you're not really going anywhere with the piece.

For me, comedy involves gags and to do that, you need better writing. SOrt that out and you could easily fulfil the potential.

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Horsenwelles responds:

i salad

bad salad.

Could you please explain to me how that fell into the comedy genre?

Horsenwelles responds:

i salad

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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2011
5:02 AM EST
Comedy - Original