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Mr. Robo's CPU Adventure

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Author Comments

UGH! I played through and their are errors that weren't there before! I don't know how to fix them, but I'm really sorry about it.

p.s. There are TWO BOSSES. There is also an easter egg on the ninth wave that no one has commented on because no one has gotten that far.

I'm finally able to upload Mr. Robo's Computer Adventure! It's supposed to be "Computer" and not "CPU" but the title was too big. Is that irony too because the only reason this wasn't up sooner is because the game was too big. I had to take some stuff out and edit a lot but it's finally working well. To those of you who I asked for songs and I didn't put them in, I'm really sorry! I wanted to but I just couldn't make the game small enough with them. In the end, I only have three different songs.
I'm really proud of this game though and I hope it's something everyone will enjoy. To those who want Mr. Robo to have power-ups and what-not, I couldn't because of the size. I'm really sorry about that. Maybe in another game.
But I digress, SX3Production proudly presents: Mr. Robo's Computer Adventure!

p.s. Please rate and comment! Thank you!

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A decent game.

Pretty impressed with this game overall. I didn't like how the enemies just spawned out of nowhere - it's a scrolling game so they should be able to come in from the top of the screen. Also, a continuous fire option would have been nice, as I found myself holding down the space bar for the entire game. And the menu screens could use some improvement - more than just blank blue backgrounds. But I did like the in-game graphics for the most part, as well as the variation of enemies with each level. You definitely put some work into making each wave different than the one before, and I appreciate that. And the music choice was good (although sound effects would be a nice improvement). Now, in your author comments you say not to review or rate without playing through the entire game. This seems like a lot to ask, seeing as I couldn't even beat level four. But a good game should draw the player in early and give them a good impression from the start. The whole gameplay experience should be enjoyable, not just the final levels or the satisfaction of beating the whole thing. And your game actually does a decent job of this. As a developer, you should never try to avoid or discourage criticism of your work, because without listening to your players, you won't grow as a developer and you'll never get better at making games. The other reviewers have raised some valid points that would really help improve this game. Overall, there's room for improvement but it's a decent game as it is. Nice work.

SX3Penguo responds:

Wow I'm sorry I haven't replied to this review sooner. I really appreciate this. You are right on everything. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this review.

Great game, needs a sequal! :D

It was great but heres a few things that could be improved:
10. more music
9. sound effects
8. more backrounds
7. tougher enemies
6. character creator (pretty please!)
5. needs more cowbell
4. story
3. arcade mode
2. adventure mode
1. difficulty setting

SX3Penguo responds:

I hear you on those and Mr. Robo 2 is in production. The things you have listed are being put into the new game and I promise it will be much better than the last. Unfortunately, it may not be put on Newgrounds. Only time (and software updates) will tell. I appreciate this review and am definitely going to include what you listed.


I honestly just didn't like this game. The concept in general has been done too many times, I can't quite see why the file for this was so big as you pointed out in your comments, because the graphics are basic, and there's little to no extra features in the game at all. I don't quite like the music, and the lack of an upgrade system is just rather... bleh, especially since there are new forms of enemies every wave. And to be completely straightforward, I didn't find this entertaining in the slightest, all I did was switch the left and right keys when I got to the edge of the screen, and hold down the spacebar the entire time, I was pretty much bored from the very start.


The colors hurt my eyes, and it needs an upgrade system (like everyone else said), but is very good for your first full-scale flash.

Meh, okay

It's a good game to waste time with.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2011
2:36 PM EST