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Experimental quick work (2 days), my last Flash for some time...
(I corrected the musical artist's name.)

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Pretty nice animation! It's got good music, and some nice art.

I'm not sure if it was intended, but the frames were a bit skippy (or whatever you want to call it), but that is in no way a bad thing. It somewhat made the flash creepy or unsettleing. (kind of like a Tim Burton movie? lol)

So in short, this flash was perfect in every way possible.

Good Art - Check
Fitting Music - Check
Nice Animation - Check
Fitting Mood - Check
Hand - . . .

5/5 - 10/10


Even though it's short, it did seem to carry over a story of sorts through simple shape changing and images. It was very nicely done.
I does seem slightly rough however, unpolished if you will, but its still entertained me and made me think.
Pretty good.

this r ghey

thar is no stoery er nuthin it didnt make sence plus they r black and clearly ghey! jk haha I liked it lol but it isn't amazing! Its creative.

This is Easily your best serious animation!

As much as I loved Die Dame En Weiss with it's clever use of shape tweening; this was much longer than Love and Gone, as well as better produced. It may not be cutting edge to the point of overdone, but enough to get the point across.

Animation: That was pretty good for something done in two days. The use of silhouette was a crafty choice in my book as they were well animated and very expressive. The only flaw is that the walk cycle at the last part looked rather choppy.
Sound: Finally, you found an Audio Portal song that actually fit the animation. Even though I appreciated you using one of No1r's songs in Love, it didn't fit. This on the other hand, fit the tone and animation perfectly. Kudos for not having any voices for that would have ruined the overall mood.
Content: It's original and I liked the whole interpret the story as you see fit angle. (I'm working on one of those myself.) Also, I approve of you also doing a flash that sets an atmosphere rather than telling a story. Something that few others have tried, but only one or two succeeded in doing so. Not to mention, the filesize is small enough for those with slow connections.

What I extol:
-Great use of silhouette animation
-Nice song choice
-Great direction and timing
-Small filesize

What I disapprove of:
-A bit too fast and too short for a drama, but that won't hurt your score.

Overall: Here's a ten out of ten, and I think a lot of people on here could learn something from this very flash.

Hildebrandt responds:

I am very thankful for your long review, I really appreciate it when people give me the chance to improve my stuff by giving me helpful feedback.
I think it's funny that you liked "die dame in weiss", I kinda don't like it anymore... :D
I'm gonna take a look at your stuff.

Isn't this a resubmission?

I thought I saw this a few days ago? What is going on? Can you clarify this in the author comments?

Hildebrandt responds:

I corrected the musical artist's name in the preloader.

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2011
12:16 PM EST