Super Laser Tank 1.3

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Left: Left
Right: Right
A: Rotate Counter Clockwise
D: Rotate Clockwise
HOLD Space: Fire your patented super laser weapon and comb away foes.

Update-Station = Checkpoint

oh, and this is the first game I ever made, I don't know Action Script all that well.

Flashing Lights Warning!!!!! Don't play if you are epileptic!!!


Is this a fucking joke?

This is absolutely horrendous. There is nothing redeemable about this game at all.

an okay idea but glitchy

got stuck on the first upgrade screen, exiting loops back to the same screen. very short game for me! and please clean up the screen

Loved it!

The way you ended it looked like there was going to be a sequel. If there is I will be very excited. Also, great game.


Personaly... I liked it.

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How did this get front page?

A few things wrong with this game.
That "talking" at the begining is annowing as hell and hurts my ears.
2) The game is unrelentingly difficult for all the wrong reasons. the laser is too slow and doesn't register the hit half the time.
3) ever single time you hit an enemy, the screeen changes, which then causes me to have to readjust my eyes to see where the rest of the enemies are. This game is just plain bad. There is immense lag, horrible hit detection (even on the tutorial, I hit right through an enemy 3 times before it registerd), and the music is poor.
I'm sorry, but this ame is just...poor. This needs a lot of work, especially on the damn blue screen when you kill an enemy. What the hell point does that serve?
Sorry, but I have to give this a 1. it's just a poor poor game that's outclassed by much better shooters out there.


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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2011
6:43 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail