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The Internet You Need

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Jan 13, 2011 | 2:07 PM EST
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Edit: Thanks for all the love, New Grounders! If you guys believe in this then visit the site, digg it, facebook it, twitter it, send it to your friends. Messages are useless if they don't reach people. That's where all of you come in. Thanks for the help!

Do you like soda? Do you think you could drink it every day? What if it came out of your pipes instead of water? Could you bathe in it? Wash your clothes in it? Keep your goldfish in it? Probably not? So why would you believe the ISPs when they say all you need out of the internet is Movies and Music?

Net Neutrality affects us all. New Grounds couldn't exist without it. But don't trust me. Ask poor John Seymour and his family.



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Well I'll give you that NN is good

Net Neutrality is a necessity. Noone wants the internet to turn into current day American society. My soul would probably implode. However, this was full of logical fallacies. The metaphor between NN and water is really just drawing straws out of thin air, and the amount of denied content was a rather substantial slippery slope. I do want NN, but anyone with half a brain could rip this apart and use it against NN advocacy.

So to finish, fuck you ignorant prick for helping anti-NN win.


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This is a very well packaged piece of propoganda.

A "1" for the well packaged part.

There are two main reasons many people oppose NN:

1) If it ain't broke, why fix it? In most areas in America there exists ample ISP competition, and it is always growing. If one provider starts to royally bone its customers like you show in your flashy propaganda, consumers can and will speak with their dollars.

2) If the FCC is allowed to implement NN as it wants and basically lay claim to all this broad, sweeping authority it wants, consumers will have no choice but to just accept whatever it decides to do in regards to the Internet. Unlike with an ISP, which consumers can just fire and go elsewhere, Americans will have no choice but to accept whatever mandates, rules and regulations the FCC decides to put on the Internet. This is a very scary thought.

I'd much rather have the "power" to direct Internet content rest with multiple competing private organizations that (a) can by taught a lesson by both consumers and a regulatory body above them (the gov't) and (b) have a good history of largely unhindered Internet content delivery then with a government organization that has no competition, can't be fired by consumers and is overstepping its authority in asserting it should have this power.

BadMonkeyStudios responds:

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between private industry and government. It used to be that you couldn't even say "pregnant" on TV or the FCC would get you. Now you can discuss just about anything you want. That's because the FCC is the government and the government is the people and it changes to reflect what the people want almost instantly.

Corporations don't answer to people, but to share holders. They will give you what suits them the best, especially if they are monopolistic. You trust Comcast and Time Warner? They don't censor words. They censor entire networks that they don't want to carry. They make you pay extra for every little service. They are trying to block other people's services so they can provide their own crappy ones because they can't compete.

If you don't trust the government then don't drive on their roads, don't send your kids to their schools, don't call their police when your house is robbed, and don't vote so that nothing you think matters.


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Yes, yes, yes, and more YES! I am definatelysharing this on facebook.


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What´s the point?

A technically well made film with nothing to laugh/wonder//feel about. Educational films for the sake of eductation are boring as hell.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank You!

This definitely raises awareness