Barney Commercial #7 - Season's Greetings

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Barney Commercial #7 - Season's Greetings
Barney the Dinosaur does a special holiday PSA.

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I started watching the Barney Commercials you made. Their clever but stupid and funny at the same time.

fartoons responds:

I will take that as a compliment since they are meant to be stupid. If you enjoy them please share them with your friends. It is frustrating making cartoons no one sees. Not sure if I will even bother making them anymore. Especially since I had to take my YouTube channel down.

Thanks for the feedback.


OK see

it was about to get a 10 but then the Jesus joke came up. all in all it was funny

Very funny.

The happy hanukkah from barney and friends was a great touch. I see why you put the disclaimer at the beginning.


I'm sorry but I didn't really find this funny. I can laugh at some stupid stuff but I just got kinda bored real fast with it. The Santa not being real joke was kinda funny, but other than that it wasn't amusing to me. I'm not really sure how to tell you to make your next flashes better besides telling you you should maybe try a different style of jokes. You do have some good animation though!

I dunno

Kinda funny, but not that good imo. I think it was a bit short too.
...Still it deserves a decent score :D