Super Mega Bot

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Super Mega Bot is a challenging and fun platformer. Put your platform skills to the test and work your way through 21 levels by avoiding spikes, lasers, bombs and other enemies.



I notice that besides difficulty whiners, there are a lot of difficulty snobs making themselves known, thinking they'll just be totally awesome if they imply they enjoy difficulty for it's own sake. Really guys, everybody is just so goddamned impressed with you. Your mothers would be proud.

No, difficulty is not the issue. I couldn't program my way out of a wet cardboard box and I could put out a hard game. The real difference between "Challenging" and "Hard" is whether or not a game is frustrating. I've given up on plenty of easier games than this because they frustrated the Hell out of me, but this didn't. It was extremely challenging, but despite that, never made me want to scream "Fuck this!" and hurl my monitor out the window, like some other games, which have required straightjackets and morphine to get over.

This is what makes it a good game, and shows off your talent. The ability to break gamer's spines over your spiked, robotic knee and have them come back for seconds with smiles on their faces. The checkpoints (that so many other games seem to forget these days) were key in this and I thank you a thousand times over for including them.

The rest of the game (music, gameplay, graphics) was all above average. My only real complaint is that Levels 19 & 21 can wear you down, what with having to restart if (when) you die, but that's really nothing major on account of those levels being short and brutal, rather than being multi-obstacle gauntlets.

A 10/10 game, providing an hour or two of fun and the ability to scream in joy when you beat a level, but not to scream in rage when you (inevitably) fall to your 786th death.


+ Difficulty
+ Graphics
+ Simple gameplay. Just good for this kind of game.
- Lag. Not completely bad, but I think there would have been a way to improve the framerate.
-It's just me but I prefer games that you have to use your brain little bit more in. This is more like: try try try, try again until you make it.

I would give 8-9/10 but just because of those "Too Difficult! 1/10" comments I'll give 10

Good Work.

Pretty good game, the songs are fantastic, but they get a little repetitive later (some of them reminded me of "Castlevania: The Adventure"). It's pretty challenging, but not absurdly challenging in a way that makes you fall on the ground and cry. Simple, challenging, addicitng, and musically wonderful, keep up the good work!

9.8 of 10

Super Mega Awesome Hyper Ultra Duper Über BOT!

This game is great! Levels are awesome and challengin and challengin makes it even more awesome! ONLY reason why i'm giving this 9/10 and 5/5 is quz the music. It was pretty good at the start, but it gets really boring and somehow reminds me of Mario Paint composer :) ALSO level editor would make this 11/10 and 6/5 ^_^

ahh ok

the game starts off good but then the levels after become to tough for the average mind i mean if you miss a blue block to safely bounce you back because the distance is to far if you hit it and miss the next shot its impossible to the graphics and music were good but the gameplay could use a lot more work and if you try hard enough you could get lots of more people interested in playing this game.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2011
11:43 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other