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Erdington Reverse

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This is a game I made for my House, Erdington, while I was at high school. The idea isn't original, but I feel I've put my own spin on a fantastic concept.

Everything is reversed. Up is down, and left is right. Navigate your way through the levels, avoiding contact with any of the walls or various hazards. Collect stars and complete levels as fast as possible to earn maximum points. Can you make it through all the levels and beat Reverse, or will Reverse beat you?

(Currently the high scores table is inactive.)

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Delightfully frustrating. It was pretty addicting, I'll admit, though the lack of music made it a sort of listless experience. However, the simple yet engrossing concept was enough for me.

Kind of original

My initial feeling about this game was "not another maze-avoid game...' but the reversed mouse is actually cool =)
The graphics aren't that great, so you might consider giving them some texture or something.
The higher levels are actually more challenging which is nice too.


Quite an entertaining and very frustrating game. It is good that you didn't add lives because I died like a million times ;) Especially the left-right reverse was quite difficult for me to get used to. You could have added some music to add to the suspense. Otherwise: well done!

Challenging, yet fun

This game provides the right amount of challenge without becoming frustrating. Keep up the good work!