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''Ike and Mike'' suckles

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One of my first submissions in a while, it all revolves around my 2 OC's, Ike and Mike.
Ike eats mike's dinner, will mike get another chicken as he asks? Nah, probably not.
If you vote low on this, give me advice on how I can improve for next time around.


Before you have to say it, it was told to me already, the vomit animation is'nt that great I know.
I'll improve on that the next time (though just the animation, not include vomit).
Thanks so far for the reviews, I like it when I receive comments that tell me where to improve in areas. ^^
It helps me get better in the long run. My humor apparently is geared toward a select audience, so this and other flashes I make may not be for everyone.

With that said, enjoy (or try to) the flash.

:edit 2:
Its apparent that some newgrounders are giving me low votes... and not really giving me feedback...
C'mon, seriously, I tried my hardest to make this good, if you are going to low vote me, leave me a comment on where I can improve. So it doesn't make you look like a typical newgrounders troll.

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I thought the movie was very funny. Your humor is definitely geared this towards a select audience, so you may not get that high of a score. The animation was done well (except for the vomit) and the computer generated voices added to the comedy. The only improves I can give you are, polish what you have and improve the story line. Good work.

AuntyBarbra responds:

i under stand that the vomit wasn't well done. But thanks for the review, I'll try and improve on my next submission.