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Black Space

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This is the very first game that Jokeroo.com has participated in the creation of. Its the beginning of the Black Space saga. Future plans will include building an RTS version of Black Space, but this version gets off on the right foot. All critical feedback is greatly appreciated. Like I said, this is the very first game that Jokeroo has ever participated on and the feedback of this game will help us create our RTS (real time strategy) version.

We have produced a Survival Mode and a regular game play mode. Once you beat the regular game play, try your best and try lasting through Survival. You'll get non stop waves, surely too many to handle. Test your skill, and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks everyone!

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The graphics were nice and stuff, but it lagged so much, I couldn't get past level 3. The quality seemed to be not toggleable...

Keep it up!

The mouse controls are really good. I don't think I would like this game as much if it had keyboard controls. This game is really fun, and the upgrades really add to the experience.

jokeroo responds:

Thanks for the great review!

mouse control ok

I got used to the mouse control pretty fast and I actually think that in this game, it's better than the WSAD-controls. Overall, pretty cool game!

really hated the mouse control

hated the controls and found it hard to get past that fact, but other then that major issue (for me anyway) seemed pretty good the upgrades were nice and not too expensive

jokeroo responds:

What would you recommend for the controls?

Very fun

I have to say, I've never liked the style of aiming/maneuvering that you used in this game, but it worked out well (yes, yes I am a WASD control hor). I have to agree with Aletsis on the overpowering nature of the side weapons, they made the bosses a little too easy to just tank kill while spamming them. I liked the upgrade system that had crystals for the side weapons while using the good ole fashioned moola for the primary stats, it made the choosing a lot easier. Keep it up, I look forward to space shooters like this.

Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2011
12:27 AM EST