Microcosmic Shooter

January 12, 2011 –
April 25, 2012
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Name: Microcosmic Shooter

one day, you see a mosquito when you are brushing, but you become small during you kill it. you need to collect some tools to battle with the mosquito and become normal. can you collect all tools and overbear it?

use mouse to play.


Graphics and physics are relatively impressive (even though nothing really make sa heck of alot of sense) but the last boss is miserably bugged--if it gets pushed off the screen, you're screwed, and can't win. Overall, well-made.

A bit of a mixture of Ingenuity,Imagination,level 75 wheres Waldo skills,and throw in a bit of trigger-happiness and BOOM!you`ve got yourself a perfect player for this.but uh...that kid laughed MANIACALLY at the end.

definatly worth playing it was fun and puzzled me for about 20 minutes good work.

Very fun might want to think about checkpoints or a faster way to change weapons.

he must be on some awesome drugs man. and who the hell is this Mc Gyver? the guy made a cannon out of a small piece of wood, a spring soy beans and a razer blade? wtf? still it was pretty good, if predictable.

To be continue..

Badass game, I knew we'ed gewt that little shit back to normal!!!!!!!

I also had a glitch with an invisible fly killing me I can't even change language on the menu because the screen flashes red as though a fly is attacking me. Which in turn causes me to go straight to starting the game all over again from the begging but the ghost fly is still there so I don't last long. Seriously though restarting the game ALL over again becomes a major pain in the ass excuse my language.

I died at the boss... FFS put a save or some checkpoint....

I enjoyed it very much :)

Hilarious translation. Great game anyway.

its fun , its new , good idea , the 2 only down i saw : hav to restert everything when u die and it was too short , could have let us try to make the weapon instead of making them auto , and maybe not telling what are the weapon before getting them it kinda kill the surprise ... but overall a good game and i hope there will be a second

Liked the concept and the art was really good. But I died at the boss And had to start over?? that's not cool...

I think this was the first adventure game that I completed without using the walkthrough! I loved that what to do was logical not just completely random (like many adventure games). Also liked the added shooting part of it, kept things interesting. Can't wait for the next one!

Mixing elements of an FPS and an adventure game seemed at first like it was doomed to failure. But boy, was my first impression wrong.

The great thing about this game is that it's not like normal adventure games. It's not about trying every single item in your inventory to find the one that works. All of the puzzles flow with logic, the clues are subtle but useful, and all the items are within relatively plain sight.

The challenge in this game comes not from understanding the insane logic of the programmer, but from a test of skill--in this case, a bit of shooting. If more adventure games emulated this method, the whole adventure genre would be a thousand times better. As it stands, only masters hope to complete the usual slew of adventure games. And I, sadly, am no master.

I'm looking forward to a sequel that has the one thing that this game was missing--a heavy helping of plot.

had to check the walkthrough just to find out what to do. I figured it out, then built all the weapons, now I have the gun thing but of course now I have no idea what to do (still wandered around). I checked the walkthrough to see if I missed anything and discovered that I actually accomplished more than what was demonstrated in the walkthrough. Its unique, but very disorganized and frustrating to understand what to do.

This game left me quite frustrated, because you die so easily and then sent back to the very beginning (their should be some sort of checkpoint) so I quit in frustration a few times. This game was very unique, yet very enjoyable. I love the plot.

It says "To Be Continued" In the end, can I hope for a sequel in the future? :)

its a great game super good and well done game, sure its short but hey it brings me back to when i was little when there was a heckload of point and click games :)

it was great and fun to play but it was annoying how dieing put you right back to the beginning you should be able to save or something.

me parecio horrible el hecho que te regrese desde el principio el perder contra el ultimo jefe, la jugabilidad esta bien , y es muy llamativo el juego pero enrealidad fue toda una perdida de tiempo al final ya que no habia checkpoint

I didn't get the glitches people keep saying, but the game was mastly uneventful. skow paced and only mildly hard to figure out. I would like to see a bit more action like maybe this happens in a big city and he it about the size of a mouse but fights cockroaches, . mice, and rats to seek out this evil fly. I like the to be continued. Also the guy had no name, no history or anything. There was a lack of a plot, just very mellow "action" persay.

i like the plot and how u have to get through the game. but there were several glitches in the game that made it hard to play. i got stuck being killed over and over again by nothing after the boss killed me and i had restarted the game.

good concept but too short

interesting idea and implemented smart

I am looking forward to the continued


Aside from my spoiler title, the game was spot on and very creative. I like the rpg sensibilities you worked into it, and the aiming was pretty good. Alot of ppl noted some glitches, but on 3 playthroughs i never experianced one. I will say that i wish the game was longer though, and maybe incorporated more action rpg elements...nonetheless, good game and thanks for a well spent time yo!

well done, not very difficult but the shooting made up for it. Nice mixture of point an click, puzzles, shooting. More would be good.

the last sound effect reminds me of the horror sound effect from anime clannad XD very fun

i liked the game but i think you die too easily

I really love this game but seriously, where the hell is that sword? i must have gone around the place several times and i still can't find it

I love the awesome graphics. Very well made.

I actually beat the game. there was a glitch that was annoying which didn't let you get through if you walked back. When you do get the toothpick weapon, go to the place(I forgot how many clicks) with the flies flying in a spiral and make Sure that you Shoot them all down before leaving the place. If you do leave the place while the flies are still there, the flies will glitch where you can't continue and you have to start over. The Items are obtainable- you have to be patient and click on all spots and look around. This game still has some problems and issues but over all it was great. For those Idiots who are discussing about stupid crap, please go back to preschool and learn your manners.

1. Are you Chinese? If so, why does your protagonist have green eyes and brown hair?"

Seriously? You have to go there? Race and Skin doesn't matter.

Think before you speak. How about a nice big cup of STFU?

Anyways, this game was awesome but needs some work..and I can't wait for the next one :D

i was giving this a 10 but the fact that is too short & there is no HP bar at boss & its too easy
anyways it a nice game and it worth playing

You can make an artillery cannon with:
-Soy beans
-a Spring
-Pieces of wood?
One word:

Awesome :)

Loved the game, but a bit short, but, oh well =p

Grtz, Razoric


Found everything, was fun :)

its a great game, even though i couldnt find glue and soy bean. those graphics rock!!!

the gameplay was strange and the game itself aint that goodm sorry man, but keep on improving

...but where is glueee :D

I recognized the sound at the end as the item noise in Deadly Premonition?

Nice fun game to spend a bit of time.

the game was borring and the graphics wernt so good

Epic game.

might be longer and harder but still good!

it's a fun game with good realistic graphics and interesting situations. It is quite easy, but that's the only thing I don't like about it.

Awsome game, puzzels, some action, but a bit predictable.

I died on the boss. When I tried replaying, an invisible fly kept killing me before I even left the cup! XP

But it would be even better if there were checkpoints, Starting from the start everytime is annoying.

could do with checkpoints though

I like the game very much, congratulations! by the way, wasn't the chinese man Sun Quan (from "the Romance of the Three Kingdoms") red haired and green eyed? (maybe my english is not so well spelt) so don't care on what some people say, they're only envious! ;)

lol...anyway i like the game and don't listen to that urnam bastard...
@urnam04 what's wrong with green eyes and brown hair?and there's no lifebar probably and there's nothing wrong with the spelling you dumb illiterate asshole from hell.....
yeah...anyway 10/10 5/5


Super good and well done game, sure its short but hey it brings me back to when i was little when there was a heckload of point and click games :)

This made my day, looking forward to a sequel

Great game, a bit short though :p

1. Graphics
2. Sounds
3. Shooter gameplay

1. Spelling
2. Hammer called Fragrance
3. Point and click gameplay too easy
4. Where's the life bar?

1. Are you Chinese? If so, why does your protagonist have green eyes and brown hair?

Not bad but really really easy. I liked the whole not having to combine all your crap in the inventory. But yeah man just really easy other than that nice work

It's a SPRING! I guess I should consider myself lucky you didn't call it a spling. The ending note sums it up: "To be continue...." After all the programming you did, you couldn't check the spelling, or let someone who actually speaks English check it for you? I mean, it's less than a minute of effort to get that right weighed against the much greater effort of making the running program! All your base are belong to me.

I think it's nice, just too easy.

the storyline was awful, a fly turns you small? and the gameplay was terrible, all of it was straightforward, for a puzzle game it was not that difficult at all, and the final boss was easy, just get him all the way to the left or right and keep shooting and bam you win.

When I died, there was a glitch so I was still attacked when I started all over.

just wow, amazing

wheres the the small blade i search 50 times and still counting

Great game. Never too hard or confusing. I never felt stuck and the gadgets were very clever. I only took points away for your poor English and grammar (i.e. "rabged", "to be continue"). Still a good game though.

I'll give it a solid 8, good graphics, nice idea, though a little lacking in the player involvement. I could foresee a good game if you maybe created an area where the player had to actually build his tools, rather than have the pieces just put themselves together. Maybe change up the enemies a bit in order to motivate the player to switch weapons and such.

Also, I gotta say to the kid who didn't know what a microcosm was, try dictionary.com before you spout off about words you don't know. Jesus...

Anyway, nice little game you got here

Slayer you can't take a point away for that. It was submitted for you to play and rate the game just because the name isn't what you'd think it should be. What did you think of the game is what these rating are for not the name.

Anyway great game i enjoyed it although most the mosquitoes didn't attack which made it a bit easy.

I feel like after i cleared the room with 6-7 files in it, along the floor by the sink, something should have happened. Another arrow should have appeared or something, but nothing did.

decent time killer and good. I only dockin a point cause of the title. it should be microscopic, not cosmic. kind misleadin in thinkin the game had something to do with outer space and a shrink ray.

I'd actually pay Xbox Live about 50 cents for this little adventure, and 50 cents more for each continuation! Very well done, you oughta really think of selling this game.

2 short i think u could have made the strategy better and the boss fight harder i dont see what evry1 is complaining about i beat the boss first try all u gotta do is aim a little to the right or left and kind of curve the bullet overall good game but prety b rated

when trying to shoot the fly to go past the kitchen sink it went off screen and didn't come back even when i left the area and came back otherwise it was an excellent game

I died during the boss battle and when the game restarted I was still taking damage every second or so even though there was no enemy.

Also, the name of this game is s bit misleading and doesn't do it justice.

I'm not much for FPSs, but this was a fun play with a nice little spin to it.

Well its a great game but I found a glitch near the end.
I was fighting the boss and I died.
Well I just kept getting hit even wit a new restart of the game!
So I was constantly hit over and over , even while in the cup!

Pplease fix this!

It's a nice game. Simple and easy to play. Haven't beaten the boss...well since because every time my cursor moves towards him, he moves to the side...and if he moves close enough to the side. He disappears off the screen, and you're stuck killing his minions with no end in sight.

Graphics are really smooth, and i like the shrinking idea. But what bugs me, is aimimg at those little monsters - too inacurate. And why do you have to replay the whole damn thing just for the boss fight?!


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3.89 / 5.00