House of Horror Reboot

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My final House of Horror submission.
Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've submitted a House of Horror game. I've spent about 5-6 months (while also being lazy and playing Xbox live) on this game, and I hope you guys enjoy it!
Sounds from www.flashkit.com and the cited Newgrounds users.
Patch 1-
Fixed a glitch involving the elevator.
Patch 2-
Fixed ending scene. (LOL FAIL.)


I realize you haven't made any of these in a while, and this is an older game, but I still feel the need to talk about this. Having seen your other games, you *have* improved in some ways (this game isn't as buggy), but it just feels like rehashing the same thing over and over from previous games. The first thing I would recommend is to get some more practice with Flash. Next, read some classic horror stories, and watch some horror films (I recommend the classic Halloween for the feel you seem to want here) to get a feel for the genre. Next, these games tend to be downright incomprehensible; puzzles are frequently without rhyme or reason, and there is no unifying feel; everything seems disjointed and confusing. Lastly, these games are infuriatingly short, so it would really be in your best interests to publish them all as a single game (kinda like you did with 1&2).

I'm sorry, none of these games are any good.

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I guess it ends as murder suicide?

plz walkthrough

You should make it longer, but i like the rest.

Your understanding of the passage of time is confusing. This game starts three years after the last one but two seconds later it backtracks to a few weeks after the killing (still in 2007). There's a time jump to a year later half way through for no apparent reason, so it's now 2008 which is the year the father actually died stated in HoH: which is also only four years after the son was also stated in so therefore the protagonist of this game is four years old.

I also have a lot of questions such as:
*Why does an abandoned hotel still have electricity? who pays the bills?
*How did guests get into those phantom rooms with no doors? You could have kept it all on the second floor as there were a lot of useless locked rooms (like the ones beside the elevator shaft).
*Why leave for a year after finding the body? if your grudge was really that bad you wouldn't just leave.
*How did the guy you shot in the chest have an exit wound from the top of his head? This is forensically impossible.
*"Mr. Bradley?"

I think it would really help if you set out a written timeline for your plot and make sure everything you include is 100% relevant (unless it's a red herring) because the story is all over the place! The dates aren't really relevant at all and need to be consistent so you dont end up having a toddler as your protagonist. also the whole premise is pointless because in TB the guy who killed the character in this game's parents was hiding in the closet and got arrested. It wasn't a ghost. There isn't anything paranormal going on except for suddenly zombies. I just think that if you wrote a good solid story, stopped overcomplicating it, kept some of the puzzle elements from the other games and continued to improve the animation and graphical side of things you could create something significantly improved

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Jan 12, 2011
1:07 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click