Dungeon Dice

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Blue Key 5 Points

Complete the second corridor

Dice Apprentice 5 Points

Defeat the first enemy

Green Key 5 Points

Complete the first corridor

Rusty Key 5 Points

Complete the last corridor

Dice Master 25 Points

Defeat the last enemy

Author Comments

This is a small collab that my friend Joe and I started when I came back to Ohio for the holidays. It's nothing too special but hopefully it'll entertain you for a little bit. We tried to make it as balanced as possible but unfortunately, as you might guess, dice are completely random.

special thanks to Jason for providing the sweet title screen voice!1!!!

btw, for anyone curious, the enemies do NOT have increased odds of rolling high numbers. ever. all dice rolls come from the same random number generator.


like it

its like dungeons and dragons and pokemon rolled into one. The game was relatively simple enough. You can imply tactics once you get at least 3 of the abilities, and for the final boss, used just 2 which saved me alot (the one where you can re-roll your dice).

I reckon if you made another one with a deep story plot, would work really really well. Nice one.


I lIke It Afro-Ninja :D

lol awesome make ur own ending

and then i realised there were no exits... so a magical narwhal flew into the room and i flew away and then killed a dragon :3

What? A game you're actually able to LOSE on NG?!

Wow, incredible! The game actually relies on chance rather than "oh you have infinite lives and attempts but still get to say you've accomplished something at the end".

Good stuff, though the spell types are a tad broken.. Heal and power make a great combo, but the time rerolls were just useless when you could, for the same price, tack on +2 to your roll and be guaranteed something decent against them. plus it broke every stalemate roll.

Finishing HP: 47.

Also, to all the griefers in the review box.. go back to Minecraft, you pussies.

time comes though for me :D

good ending credits

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Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2011
5:01 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click