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Dungeon Dice

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Blue Key 5 Points

Complete the second corridor

Dice Apprentice 5 Points

Defeat the first enemy

Green Key 5 Points

Complete the first corridor

Rusty Key 5 Points

Complete the last corridor

Dice Master 25 Points

Defeat the last enemy

Author Comments

This is a small collab that my friend Joe and I started when I came back to Ohio for the holidays. It's nothing too special but hopefully it'll entertain you for a little bit. We tried to make it as balanced as possible but unfortunately, as you might guess, dice are completely random.

special thanks to Jason for providing the sweet title screen voice!1!!!

btw, for anyone curious, the enemies do NOT have increased odds of rolling high numbers. ever. all dice rolls come from the same random number generator.


No Ending at the Ending screene!

Actually it was pretty entertaining :3 Funny, simple, but tactical (somehow)

Anyways, love it :3


First i thought it was fun,then i thought it had a deeper meaning,now i am conflicted. Great game,lot of luck involved though. Managed to escape with 14 hp,time wizard is the best of them all

Well Done!

I really enjoyed this game! Obviously its not much of a challenge seeing how the outcome is random but dammit it was immersive. I didn't think of myself as a dice warrior or anything but i was getting pissed when i took damage. Then comes the credits. You wrote about how the game may have a deeper meaning and game some example and all I thought was "Is this guy serious?! Usually if there is some deeper meaning it has to do with the design of the game or some kind of cliff hanger ending! This guy is just being an asshole." Then the second part of the credits came around and I found out the last part was a joke and I had to laugh. You got me you bastard! I also liked the dice pun on the one enemy. That me laugh pretty hard too. Well you got a full rating on both fronts. 10/10 and 5/5. Kudos and keep up the good work!

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alot of fun =3

i loved the game, make a part 2 with 20 sided dice =3 that will be awesome

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my ending!

the ending says to make up an ending soooo....i came up with this.....(the player thin finds an exit and runs out but the second you step foot out side a dragon eats you for you walked into its mouth thinking it was an exit....you retard)

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3.62 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2011
5:01 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click