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Melon game engine

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This is the engine/demo of the melon game.

The actual game has levels and improved graphics, and there are some small changes to the engine.

This is an alpha, so there may be a few small bugs.

Mouse to shoot, arrows to move, numbers to change weapons. Hold down space to increase throwing power and let go to throw a grenade.

Music- "eggs"


Better enemies
Different graphics

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it was good at first

This game was pretty good at first but then the second level came and you couldn't do any thing except shot so that really ruined it for me.

fredthefatshrew responds:

sorry i rly shouldnt upload half functional demos like this, but just showing what it will be a bit like :)

Just a demo

As you have stated, this is just an alpha version of a full game, and it isn't very playable in its current state. The graphics are bland and not very good, the HUD is poorly placed, etc. However, probably the most glaring problem is that the whole game lags to a standstill when I reach the point where the carrot guy with the axe is. In short, I would caution against uploading this again until it is finished and can be graded properly.

Can't hate it

While this was really not a good game for me, it actually did have a bit of an appealing factor. I think it was because it did have some creativity with the colors and everything. The main fault of this game is that the artwork is just too sloppy. The colors just seem to go out of nowhere and it never leads to anything. The music is weird, maybe next time you should look for some music that is more appropriate. The game also seemed to be slowed down a bit, at least on my computer.

The good parts were that it actually was a pretty good idea, just not executed well. It seems like these enemies could have some really cool designs and distinct styles of attack. I even like how the main guy attacks with the arrows out of his fingers or something. The background could be more than just a solid color. I hope you try harder if you think of making another version.


the concept is actually pretty good but the gameplay is not good theres no story,i dont have the option to mute the music and theres just music no special sounds effects for the guns walking and grenades and other things,the grenade,health,fps desplay is right on my face and it's blocking me from the other objects and it's a bit annoying,you need to work more on the design like of the background characters and etc to make it more eye cathing and interesting to look at,i notice taht i have to turn the character left or right to aim at targets and then move the cursor(that's not very good), im not sure what's the character holding if it's a gun or what ever.so yeah that's my review on this game.

fredthefatshrew responds:

Yeah this is very rough and glitchy. Lots of bugfixes and new features in the full thing :D could have given it more than a 0 tho >:(


don't work

Credits & Info

1.24 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2011
11:29 AM EST