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Zombie vs Driver

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Arrow - move, space- upgrade



Like everyone else its a good idea but just horribly presented. Its a plain white background, the upgrades are very mediocre and don't help to be honest, controls suck and you die from hitting other cars easily (which you cant really avoid due to the crappy controls which if manage to avoid the car sends you too far off screen which also makes you lose.)

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Good idea, flawed presentation.

I like the idea of this game, its nice and simple, but there are various problems. Firstly, those wrench icons don't seem to do anything. Secondly, the vehicles entering are a nuisance, especially when they spawn right in your face. Thirdly, the upgrades might need tweaking. What exactly is more damage for if one hit kills anything?

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Simple but sort of fun

Simple nature of game, don't need to much thinking. A little fun game simple.

Needs ALOT of work

The concept is good, but the gameplay is just too absurd. You die simply from LOOKING at another vehicle, and the upgrades are mediocre at best. Its a good concept that can be turned into something really good (Machine gun turrets mounted on the car, spiked armor, bigger car, bigger levels, yadayadayada). Try again :)

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2.20 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2011
2:27 AM EST
Sports - Racing